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Sunday 15th December 2019

EastEnders fans spot hilarious resemblance between Jay Mitchell and famous comedian

We can't unsee it!

EastEnders viewers have pointed out that Jay Mitchell has a very famous doppelgänger.

In a hilarious tweet posted this week, one soap fan shared a photo of Jamie Borthwick's character Jay alongside his showbiz twin - Catherine Tate!

Specifically Catherine's comedy character Lauren Cooper, whose famous catchphrase 'am I bovvered?' became one of the most overused one-liners when The Catherine Tate Show first aired in 2004.

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On Tuesday (August 6), the eagle-eyed fan wrote: "For some odd reason, Jay reminds me of Catherine Tate's Lauren Cooper. The resemblance though. #EastEnders."

Some were quick to agree with him, with one commenting: "OMG that's too funny!"

In fact, it's not the first time that a soap fan has spotted Jay's similarity to the Doctor Who actress.

Are Jay in EastEnders and Catherine Tate related? They are so alike!

One fan said in a historic post: "All this time I thought Jay from EastEnders was Catherine Tate's son!"

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Another said: "Jay on EastEnders is becoming a spit of Catherine Tate."

A third has asked: "Are Jay in EastEnders and Catherine Tate related? They are so alike!"

"Separated At Birth: Jay from EastEnders and Catherine Tate," posted one more.

In fact, Catherine Tate's annoying schoolgirl Lauren HAS appeared in EastEnders when she took part in a Children In Need special in 2005.

Catherine Tate's character Lauren clashed with Peggy on Children In Need (Credit: BBC)

Lauren clashed with Little Mo Slater in the laundrette, before she turned her attention to Peggy Mitchell in The Queen Vic - accusing the landlady of being Chas and Dave's mum!

Disappointingly, Jay and Lauren did not appear on-screen together...

Catherine is currently working on a film version of her popular character Nan, which will focus on the backstory of the foul mouthed pensioner.

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