Sonia stealing from Dot

EastEnders fans slam Sonia Fowler for ‘unforgivably’ ‘stealing’ from Dot Branning

How could she?

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Viewers of EastEnders were left horrified last night, as Sonia Fowler appeared to be exposed as the thief who had been trying to steal from Dot Branning.

On New Year’s Day (January 1), the usually holier than thou nurse was seen apparently hacking into Dot’s account and attempting to remove her life savings.

Jaw drop.

Sonia stealing from Dot
No one suspected Goody Two Shoes Sonia of the crime! (Credit: BBC)

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Throughout the episode, a flashback to Christmas Day’s climatic events, we saw Dot’s granddaughter Dotty desperately trying to discover who had tried to steal Dot’s money from her bank account.

Evil Sonia. What a character shift.

At first, she accused Martin of taking the money after he failed to show up, but then her attentions turned to Stuart Highway and Rainie Cross…

But fans soon started suspecting Sonia when she said she’d phoned Dot’s bank and contacted the fraud team.

Dotty and Dot EastEnders
Dot Branning and her granddaughter Dotty (Credit: BBC)

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I mean, surely everyone knows the bank would be closed on Christmas Day? Fans also saw that the phone wasn’t even connected, and had been unplugged at the wall.

Towards the end of the episode, Sonia herself was exposed as the hacker who tried to rob £5,000 from Dot when she was seen logging out of Dot’s online accounts.

But why?

Sonia stealing from Dot
What ARE you up to Sonia? (Credit: BBC)

Is it something to do with ex-husband Martin, who she is still in love with? Or is there another reason she needs money?

Fans were horrified with Sonia, with one tweeting: “Sonia stealing the cash shocked me more than Keanu still being alive #EastEnders.”

Another said: “Didn’t expect that from Sonia and then she had the nerve pretending to be on the bank’s fraud line! What did she need the money for… a new trumpet?! #EastEnders #Sonia #Trumpet #Dot.”

A third added: “I got shivers down my spine whilst watching EastEnders earlier. Sonia pretending to phone the bank’s fraud line after she tried to steal Dot’s money: that was hard to watch.”

“Sonia, you evil [bleep],” typed one more, and another blasted: “Sonia – I am shocked and appalled. Evil Sonia. What a character shift. #EastEnders.”

“I think Sonia’s going to need more than a Bible and quick delete of her browsing history to clear her conscience,” added another. “Stealing off Dot, unforgivable #EastEnders.”

Is this the start of a new, darker side to Sonia‘s character? Or is there a perfectly reasonable explanation?

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