Linda and Stuart EastEnders (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

EastEnders fans sickened by ‘disgusting’ kiss between Linda and Stuart

Don't do it Linda!

Soap viewers were left feeling queasy by the final scenes in EastEnders last night as Linda Carter tried her best to seduce villain Stuart Highway.

The Vic’s landlady is attempting to get Stuart on side and persuade him to confess after framing her husband Mick for attempted murder.

Fans were left horrified by her preparations for her depressing bid for Mick’s freedom, which included seeing her picking out new lingerie.

But it all became too much to watch for many Albert Square devotees when Linda forced herself to snog the bald thug who has terrorised her family.

Linda and Stuart EastEnders (Credit: BBC iPlayer)
Ugh! (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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Having tentatively allowed herself to get close enough to Stuart for him to lean in, Linda was only able to lock lips for a few moments before pulling herself away.

And it wasn’t long before she had to flee the room to hide her shame so he wouldn’t twig her intentions were not genuine.

A distraught Linda then smashed a mirror in fear and disappointment – but could it prove seven years bad luck inside for Mick?

Those watching at home were revolted by Linda’s tactic, with many making strong use of the green-face sick emoji to express their disgust.

Linda and Stuart EastEnders (Credit: BBC iPlayer)
Poor Linda, vile Stuart (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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“Alfie, Linda, Stuart… throw the whole show away,” tweeted one observer.

“If Linda kisses Fester. I’m out,” said another in the moments leading up to foul snog.

A third admitted: “I can’t take anymore of this Stuart/Linda business.”

Another viewer pointed out Linda’s seduction strategy could prove a dud if she finds Stuart so loathsome he physically repulses her.

Linda and Stuart EastEnders (Credit: BBC iPlayer)
Does that look like the expression of somebody wanting to kiss another person? (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

“Linda’s plan with Stuart will probably backfire if she can’t even bring herself to kiss him. Still can’t blame her though,” they said.

And another fan, devastated by the sight of Linda and Stuart swapping saliva, felt she had paid too high a price to save Mick.

“Fake or not that kiss hurt for us Mick and Linda fans,” they said.

“Thank goodness this is all part of a plan. That kiss genuinely killed me.”

It didn’t appear that Stuart rumbled her plan in last night’s episode. So could he come back to her in the hope for more?

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