EastEnders SPOILER: Linda Carter DUMPS husband Mick while he's in prison

EastEnders fans livid with Linda as she ‘turns her back’ on Mick

Their marriage has collapsed under pressure...

Their relationship has been a rollercoaster ride with plenty of highs and lows… But EastEnders couple Mick and Linda have hit an all-time low from which they may never recover.

Fans of the BBC soap were furious last night (Tuesday 2 October) when Linda called time on their marriage, abandoning husband Mick while he is confined in jail for a crime he did not commit.

EastEnders SPOILER: Linda Carter DUMPS husband Mick while he's in prison
Noooooooooooo! (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers know Mick is innocent, after Stuart confessed to setting him up and shooting HIMSELF in a sick revenge plot.

But unknowing Linda had her loyalty shaken to the core when new evidence came to light, pointing a finger at her husband.

Tough lawyer Ritchie Scott revealed that police have a sworn statement from a man claiming to have sold Mick a gun that matches the bullet used in the shooting.

EastEnders SPOILER: Linda Carter DUMPS husband Mick while he's in prison
Mick’s face… We can’t deal! (Credit: BBC)

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When her doubts got the better of her, Linda went to confront Mick in jail…

Admitting she was beginning to doubt his version of events, Mick insisted he was innocent – but did confess that he contemplated killing Stuart that fateful night.

Linda replied: “I’ve stood by you through all of this and now you’re telling me that you tried to kill him. What is it you always say? Family comes first? Then, I need to protect mine!”

Mick, currently on remand for shooting Stuart, was left devastated as Linda publicly cut all ties with him and stormed out.

Mick is being terrorised in jail (Credit: BBC)

Back at the pub, she told her family she now believes Mick is guilty and is no longer standing by him.

O. M. G.

Naturally, the news tore the family apart with Shirley accusing Linda of abandoning her son in his hour of need.

And fans were livid with Linda’s shocking u-turn, too.


One tweeted: “This is unforgivable behaviour out of Linda.”

Another cried: “Linda don’t you dare turn your back on Mick. He needs you.”

A third said: “The best line last night ‘I can’t be the Mick you know in here. That Mick is nice… I need to survive in here.’ If Linda Carter was more mature and less selfish, she would understand. Mick does anything he can to keep Linda happy. Now she’s walking away.”

A sarcastic viewer commented: “Well done linda!! You’ve done a better job at stitching your Mick up than stuart has.”

However, one fan had a great theory, suggesting: “Linda so staged that break-up with Mick for Stuart’s benefit, knowing full well that his inside man will report back to him.”

Another agreed, saying: “Mick and Linda are pulling a fast one, I’m telling you.”

Is their relationship really over?

Has vile Stuart Highway got what he wanted?

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