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Monday 16th September 2019

EastEnders fans have an explosive prediction about Ruby and Martin affair

She wouldn't, would she?

Viewers of EastEnders believe Ruby Allen is about to embark on what could easily become one of the most explosive affairs to ever rock Walford.

And that's saying something!

Louise Lytton reprised her role as Ruby Allen last year (Credit: BBC)

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Ruby (Louisa Lytton) made a shocking comeback to Albert Square in September, and was soon thrown into a gritty and dark storyline.

After a heartfelt reunion with old friend Stacey Slater, never mind their turbulent history, Ruby seemed keen to settle back into the Square for good.

But her life was torn apart when she was raped by Martin Fowler's friend Ross on a drunken night out.

Ruby Allen testified in court against Ross and Matt (Credit: BBC)

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The consent storyline was praised for raising awareness, and her attacker and his accomplice Matt were eventually charged and convicted.

Despite an on-off relationship with Jay Brown, Ruby is about to find love very close to home if fan predictions are to be believed!

As soon as Stacey goes on maternity leave, Ruby will be hooking up with Martin.

Theorists say that while Stacey is away from the Square - for actress Lacey Turner's maternity leave - Ruby will have an affair with Stacey's husband Martin.

Martin and Ruby set for romance? (Credit: BBC)

Now that really would put a cat amongst the pigeons. And don't get us started on Kat Slater, who would probably tear Ruby limb from limb if she ever found out!

The speculation began after actress Louisa recently teased a new love interest for her character, letting it slip that the first letter of his name would be 'M'.

While the person in question could be Max, Mitch or Mick, many believe it'll be Martin.

And it's not the first time the suggestion has been made, with viewers sensing a chemistry between the pair as early as last November.

Would Ruby and Martin do the dirty on Stacey? (Credit: BBC)

Writing on Digital Spy forum, one soap fan wrote: "As soon as Stacey goes on maternity leave, Ruby will be hooking up with Martin. The man who doubted her over the rape allegations and can offer her nothing except for free fruit and veg.

"In reality she would be looking for a professional type, but the choice is none existent in Walford."

Another said: "Ruby's new love interest will most definitely be Martin. I don't understand, though, why a single attractive wealthy young woman would go for a common working class man with four kids who is married to her best friend. I suppose EastEnders is home to absurd pairings."

A third added: "Even though he's garbage and hasn't treated her wonderfully, they DID have chemistry in the few scenes they shared. I think it could be interesting."

"A Martin and Ruby affair would be a TWIST and I'd love it," said another.

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