EastEnders fans HATE that Louise Mitchell’s baby will be named after Peggy

Is it an honour or a curse?

Viewers of EastEnders have expressed their annoyance at reports that Louise Mitchell will be naming her daughter Peggy, after her great-grandma.

Soap bosses have apparently decided to pay tribute to Dame Barbara Windsor’s character Peggy Mitchell by naming her great-granddaughter after her.

Louise and Sharon are both expecting Keanu’s babies (Credit: BBC)

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Actress Barbara retired after developing Alzheimer’s Disease, but her husband Scott Mitchell has told how her face lit up when he told her about baby Peggy.

He told The Sun: “She thought what a lovely thing it is Peggy Mitchell will live on in a family member. What a lovely tribute.

“It made her quite emotional and I have been reminding her each time we watch the show every night.

“Each time her whole face lights up.”

The baby will follow in the footsteps of her legendary great-grandmother (Credit: BBC)

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But fans of the BBC soap have revealed they are NOT happy about the baby being named after the infamous character.

Peggy is a terrible name to give a child of this generation.

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one said: “Sometimes I wonder if bringing any child into a soap is child abuse, simply because you know it’s going to have an awful life. But calling it Peggy, is only going to make that worse.”

Another agreed, saying: “Peggy is a terrible name to give a child of this generation. Melanie or Taylor would have been better.”

Louise goes into early labour next week (Credit: BBC)

A third added: “Why is it they can honour Babs, but at no point have they done similar for Pauline Fowler?

“Wendy’s treatment even now, years after her passing, is a disgrace. It really is time someone sat the powers that be down and explained that the Mitchells have had their day.”

Another said: “I think every child should have a name of their very own…. No calling them after dead relatives.”

“It’s so unrealistic giving a baby such an old-fashioned name. Especially a teenager naming her baby that,” said one more, while another added: “Should’ve had Peggy as the middle name in my opinion.”

Pat Butcher Peggy Mitchell EastEnders
Classic EastEnders scenes between Peggy and her arch nemesis Pat Butcher (Credit: BBC)

“Isn’t Peggy derived from Margaret,” asked one more. “Why not call the baby Maggie or Meg. Peggy is a dreadful name to land a baby with.”

However one said it “was a lovely tribute” and others suggested that old-fashioned names were making a come back.

Barbara last played Peggy in 2016 after telling then-boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins that she wanted to say a final goodbye to the legendary character.

In the show, Peggy was facing a slow death by cancer but decided to take her own life to end her suffering.

It brought to an end one of the most dramatic characters in soap history and her new namesake is also starting as she means to go on.

This baby has already had a complicated start in life… (Credit: BBC)

Teen Louise is pregnant with boyfriend Keanu Taylor’s baby, unaware that he is also the father of her stepmum Sharon’s baby.

Sharon has gone to extreme lengths to hide the secret, but it’s all set to explode at Christmas.

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