EastEnders SPOILER: Phil Mitchell viciously attacks Keanu Taylor after discovering Sharon secret

EastEnders fans furious Phil and Keanu didn’t have a showdown

The pair didn't get their final scene

BBC viewers are furious that EastEnders‘ Keanu Taylor left the Square before having a confrontation with Phil Mitchell.

The loverat was forced to flee abroad after faking his death when Phil ordered his murder, but he did so without any kind of reckoning from his lover’s husband and his father-in-law Phil.

One said on Digital Spy Forums: “Keanu had an affair with Phil’s wife but we never saw Phil and Keanu’s confrontation scenes… Why did EE not do it?!? Phil deserves to sort out Keanu imo.”

Phil ordered Keanu’s killing but fans dIdn’t get the fight they wanted (Credit: BBC)

A second said: “I think it has been a huge shame that with such a long build-up, the entire storyline was instantly deflected away from Phil and Sharon and onto Martin Fowler and Linda.

“A confrontation scene would have been nice if I’m honest, even if it was Keanu running around the square with Phil chasing him in a rampage. Then bumping into Louise and the rest playing out in the way in which it did.

“Actually, Phil finding out should have been the highlight of the episode but I feel it was too tame. He found out too soon if I’m honest. We had this build-up for so long then he finds out in such an anticlimactic way.”

A third agreed adding: “I think the writers totally botched the ending.

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“Either way they there was zero viewer satisfaction, it was fractured and stilted which meant all the momentum they built up over the past six months totally vanished.

“It really should have been a classic Christmas dinner reveal at the Mitchell’s, in front of everyone for the ultimate shock tactic and epic showdown.

“We all know Steve McFadden and Letitia Dean are capable, along with Max Bowden, and I think Danny and Tilly would have held their own so it was a complete missed opportunity.

Sharon has been left to face Phil alone (Credit: BBC)

“We’ve barely seen Sharon or Phil since Christmas, Phil is enjoying his orange juice in the Vic and Sharon is sofa hopping, hardly the aftermath we were all expecting!

“There was no Phil vs. Keanu and no final goodbye between Sharon and Keanu, there was no emotion, no closure and no impact.”

Others are convinced the storyline isn’t yet over because there was no confrontation.

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With Keanu promising his mum Karen that the Mitchells would pay for trying to kill him, he fled abroad, and fans are sure he will return and the confrontation will happen then.

One said: “Maybe they’re leaving it for his comeback. Who knows?”

Another added: “For when he returns with his thuggish dad, I predict a bitter feud.”

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