EastEnders Tiffany and Bernadette kiss

EastEnders fans furious as Bernadette Taylor and Tiff Butcher kiss

Is Bernie being manipulated?

Bernadette Taylor looks like she’s about to get her heart broken, and EastEnders fans are NOT happy about it.

The fan favourite has been harbouring a secret crush on her best friend Tiffany Butcher for months.

EastEnders Tiffany and-Bernadette kiss
Did Tiff manipulate her mate? (Credit: BBC)

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And, in uncomfortable scenes aired last night (Tuesday 20 November), Tiff appeared to take advantage of her friend’s romantic feelings…

More innocent viewers may have seen the pair have a heart to heart, before they shared a tender kiss with each other.

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However, more cynical soap fans called out “savage” Tiff for “manipulating” and “using” Bernie.

BBC viewers have seen troubled teen Tiff on a downward spiral into a world of gangs and drugs thanks to her involvement with Jagger.

Last night, drug dealer Evie pressured Tiffany to run drugs to Suffolk and, when she agreed, Tiff tried to persuade best friend Bernie to accompany her…

Step away now Tiffany, he is totes dodgy! (Credit: BBC)

And Bernie refused – until Tiff used her powers of persuasion by stroking her tears away and kissing her.

Some fans believe Tiff and Bernie will become a genuine couple, with one saying: “Bernie and Tiff are gonna end up together, it’s pretty obvious plus EE is really lacking in LGBT characters.”

Another said: “THAT TIFF AND BERNIE KISS. I don’t know what to feel. I can see it from both sides but oh how I want them to be a thing.”




Other fans were livid with Tiff and saw a nastier side to her actions.

One fan said: “That was so low Tiffany, using Bernie’s feelings for you.”

Another said: “Poor Bernie, being totally used by Tiffany.”

A third called out EastEnders scriptwriters, typing: “Why can’t #EastEnders let bi icon of Walford, Bernie, just be happy with Tiffany?

“Why they gotta do this stupid storyline? Why’s Tiffany gotta be kissing her to use her instead of just cause she likes her? Why’s it always the female lgbt relationships that go so wrong?”



Some fans called Bernie “gullible”, while others were worried about her being “heartbroken” when she realises the truth.

Will scheming Tiff continue to cruelly lead her friend on and involve her in a potentially dangerous drug deal?

And will Bernadette really go along with her friend’s reckless plan or see sense once the memory of the kiss fades?

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