Bex EastEnders

EastEnders fans find no sympathy for Bex after runaway storyline

Bex fled the Square after being rejected by Kush

Teenager Bex Fowler is currently wandering the streets of London alone and vulnerable, after running away from Walford and the demons that haunt her there.

But fans seem to have very little sympathy for the character, and instead have slammed EastEnders for the ‘unimaginative’ and ‘pathetic’ storyline.

Bex EastEnders
Bex could be in grave danger (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers know that Bex fled Walford on Bank Holiday Monday (May 27) after making amorous advances towards Kush Kazemi.

She was left humiliated after trying to sneak into the shower with him, only for the object of her desire to swiftly reject her.

On Tuesday, we saw her worried parents Sonia and Martin desperately trying to locate her, with the help of Jack Branning.

The Fowler family
Sonia and Martin were worried sick about daughter Bex (Credit: BBC)

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As Bex faced the streets of London on her own, suspicions back in Walford turned to Stuart Highway.

Well, he certainly does have form….

However, Stuart is in fact the only person in the Square who knows the truth about Bex’s plight and her reliance on pills.

In fact, he had even been taking her to his Narcotics Anonymous meetings in a bid to help her.

Is Stuart one of the good guys now? (Credit: BBC)

As a vigilante mob started to gather baying for Stuart’s blood – whipped up by Rainie Branning and Tina Carter who misunderstood their friendship – Stuart was out looking for Bex.

His search led him to an abandoned shed where he found her phone.

For the first time in the episode, we saw an upset Bex walking the streets alone as a sinister stranger approached offering to take her to “a room nearby”.

But many fans weren’t happy with the plot line…

One said: “Yay another run away teen storyline. Are we out of imagination?”

Another added: “This storyline with Bex is ridiculous. All this over a pathetic little crush who’s old enough to be her dad and runs away because of it… Grow up gal #EastEnders.”

A third wrote: “Am I the only one who finds it very unrealistic that a woman would stop and lean against a wall in a quiet area near a group of unfamiliar men? I know they want Bex to be in danger, but it’s instinctual for us not to do that! #EastEnders.”

Others questioned why the BBC soap had changed Bex’s character “into a mess”, saying “her character was better before”.

“Weird storyline. Bex running away makes no sense,” typed another, while one more said: “I have no sympathy for Bex.”

Kush Bex shower scene
Beyond awks… (Credit: BBC)

Others queried why Bex looked like “Robinson Crusoe” after just hours on the run in a city she should be more familiar with.

Later this week, Bex’s family finally learn what she has been through – the exam pressure and her family’s hopes for her making it into a top university turned her to drugs.

The pills are making the youngster increasingly paranoid – but can her family find her before something bad happens?

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