EastEnders fans “don’t see the point” of “pathetic” returned character

Harsh, but fair?

EastEnders fans have questioned the return of former character Lola Pearce, slamming her as “pathetic” and “pointless”.

The single mum returned to Walford earlier this month, alongside Ben Mitchell and their daughter Lexi.

Lola’s back – but is she welcome? (Credit: BBC)

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Lola left Walford for a new life in Newcastle back in 2015, but has returned with Ben – seemingly part of Ben’s masterplan to undermine his dad Phil and take over as resident baddie.

While Ben’s Machiavellian plans have whipped BBC viewers into a frenzy, Lola has also been criticised for being part of Ben’s “boring revenge plot”.

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one fan slammed the character, saying: “Is it just me who struggles to see why Lola was brought back?”

Ben is a bit of a [bleep] (Credit: BBC)
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The user continued: “It seems like she’s just going to play a role in this boring Ben’s revenge plot and eventually end up either spilling the truth or getting caught up in the drama. And the Jay stuff is so predictable.

“Is she really needed?”

Harsh, but fair?

Another fan agreed, typing: “She’s rubbish. Always thought she was.”

Are you happy to have Lola back in Walford? (Credit: BBC)

A third said: “I always thought the only reason the TPTB [the powers that be] deem her relevant to the canvas is because Lexi is Ben’s. Other than that, I struggle to see the point of her.”

Another slammed the character as “pathetic”, adding: “She goaded Adam into violence, even though she herself is facing violence from Ben.

“Not only letting Ben push her around, and threaten her child, but focusing entirely on her love life. Her ex-fiancé Jay. […] She is just another male-defined victim on a show full of them.”

“Hope they send her off again soon, never to return,” attacked another.

Lola and Jay reunited!? (Credit: BBC)

However, some Easties fans were more forgiving, believing she will “flourish when she’s removed from Ben”.

Another added: “I wish they’d brought her back instead of introducing Hayley. I don’t like her being involved with Ben as I hate what they’ve done with the character, but hopefully they can break her away from him.”

One more believes she’s the only “half decent” Mitchell.

Since Ben and Lola’s return, Ben has shocked soap fans by getting the Mitchell family involved in human trafficking, and threatening to kill again.

Meanwhile, Lola has her heart set on a reunion with Jay… But does he feel the same?

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