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Tuesday 18th June 2019

EastEnders fans critical of Mick Carter for manhandling a child

The landlord overreacted when The Queen Vic was damaged...

Mick Carter hasn't been himself since his return from jail, and his usually loyal fans think his anger got the better of him in last night's episode.

On Thursday (10 January), EastEnders fans were shocked when The Queen Vic landlord lost the plot and completely overreacted towards a child who had kicked a football through the pub window.

Mick grabbed young Bailey by the arm (Credit: BBC)

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The incident occurred when Mitch arrived in Albert Square to help fix Karen's broken bathroom.

When he arrived at the Taylors', he left young girl Bailey waiting in his van. After a narrow escape when drug addict Craig tried to force his way into the van only to get whacked by Bailey, Mitch gave the girl a football to keep her entertained...

But when a kick backfired and went through one of the windows of The Queen Vic, a furious Mick stormed out!

Oops! Bailey kicked a ball through The Queen Vic's window (Credit: BBC)

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Mick calm down she's a little girl! #EastEnders.

He completely overreacted to the situation, shouting at Bailey and grabbing her by the arm in a threatening manner.

Until Mitch stepped in to calm everything down and give Bailey a cuddle (who he claims is a mate's daughter, but we smell a rat).

One fan, uncomfortable by Mick's hostile behaviour, tweeted: "Mick calm down she's a little girl! #EastEnders xx."

Another said: "Angry middle-aged White man (Mick) runs out pub to grab/yell at a little Black girl in the middle of the street and nobody in Albert Square bats an eyelid?"

A third called Mick a "child beater".

"While I’m glad they are showing #MickCarter's difficult adjustment to being out of prison, I'm not looking forward to the scene where he yanks on/grabs that little girl," said another. "I know it will hit me a certain way as a teacher & as a woman. #EastEnders @bbceastenders."

The scenes are building up to an upcoming storyline when Mick's state of mind is explored after being freed from prison.

Fans weren't happy with Mick's violent reaction to the child (Credit: BBC)

Next week, Linda discovers Mick in a terrible state, and he finally confesses his true feelings.

After bottling everything up for weeks, Mick (Danny Dyer) talks openly for the first time about his terrible ordeal in prison.

Realising that Mick clearly needs something to take his mind off everything, Linda then agrees to let Mick coach the football team with Mitch.

But does Mick need professional help after his prison experience?

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