EastEnders mel owen strangled by ray kelly

EastEnders fans call out huge plot holes in Ray and Mel’s dramatic showdown

The episode was filled with many twists and turns - some more believable than others!

EastEnders fans were incredulous last night when they spotted several major plot holes in the dramatic showdown between newlyweds Mel Owen and Ray Kelly.

Their sham marriage came to an ugly head during a violent fight in the forest, but not before Ray had managed to escape police in scenes viewers called “unrealistic”, “useless” and unintentionally “hilarious”.

And that was just the start of their complaints about the episode, which aired on Thursday (3 January).

ray kelly shot
Ray was eventually shot by step-son Hunter (Credit: BBC)

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The first of a two-parter saw Ray escape two police officers after he was arrested for bigamy after his wedding to Mel.

Conman Ray was handcuffed in the back of the police car, but pleaded with them to pull over.

The criminal then feigned a heart attack in order to get the officers to pull over and get out.

Catching them off-guard, Ray seized his moment, threatening to attack one police officer with pepper spray.

Ray pepper spray
Ray overpowered two police officers and made his escape (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers squirmed at the apparent lack of realism, as Ray then locked the two officers into the back of their car before returning to Walford and kidnapping Mel’s son, Hunter.

Many soap fans called out what they believed to be huge flaws in the plot, like why didn’t the female officer, who was standing above him, threaten to use her own pepper spray?

And how did he manage to tie up both of the PCs with nothing to attack them with but pepper spray? They did have truncheons, after all!

Ray escapes police
If you want to commit a crime and get away with it, head to Walford (Credit: BBC)

And why didn’t the rest of the police force come looking for Ray?

One fan blasted: “Ray locked police in their car in the daylight and arrived home in the dark. Surely police would have looked for the 2 officers by now? Think Mel got back in daylight and the police station couldn’t have been that far away. #eastenders.”

Another said: “Again – Not realistic! The police would be swarming the square for Ray, and not one police car or officer is about! I cannot suspend my disbelieve on this  #EastEnders.”

Others called Walford police “rubbish”, while many more wondered why on earth nobody called them when things took a dark turn.

“EastEnders never fails to amaze Ray assaults 2 officers who called for urgent ambulance assistace, makes it back to the square, ties up Hunter, gets him in the back of the car without 1 single person noticing or police presence on the Square!? I know its only a soap but come on,” said another.

“Ridiculous” and “ludicrous” cried some fans, and that was even before Ray was run over, buried and ‘came back from the dead’.

Droves of viewers were highly critical that EastEnders scriptwriters had used the same plot twist three times in less than a fortnight and wondered why “no one in Walford thinks to check a pulse”.

On Christmas Day, Alfie Moon was accidentally pushed down some stairs, thought dead, but wasn’t and did a runner.

On New Year’s Day, Mel was strangled by Ray, thought dead, but woke up and arrived at her own wedding looking rather marvellous despite her near-death experience!

The violent scenes between Ray, Mel and Hunter eventually ended – we think? – with Hunter shooting Ray dead. Or did he?

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