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Tuesday 18th June 2019

EastEnders fans blast the soap for "worst duff duff" ending and beg for drug plot to stop

And what's happened to Hunter?

EastEnders fans were left frustrated, annoyed and "bored" by last night's episode which focused on Evie Steele and saw her cruelly torture an addict for money.

During Thursday's visit to Walford (10 January), viewers wondered what had happened to Hunter Owen's dramatic storyline from last week and were left bitterly disappointed with the "worst duff duff" ever at the end of the show.

Viewers have begged for this storyline to end (Credit: BBC)

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We saw drug dealer Evie attack a homeless addict in the middle of the day in a bid to get money owed out of him.

She was seen pushing him down concrete steps in an attempt to intimidate him into paying her £200.

As he cowered helplessly on the floor, she took a lit cigarette and began to press it against him before throwing the ash in his face.

Fans don't like Evie, but then they're not supposed to! (Credit: BBC)

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I’m sure every EastEnders actor wants a duff duff, but that was the most ridiculous one EVER.

While some viewers called Evie "psycho" and "evil", many just begged the storyline to stop - and were baffled when the character got her own 'duff duff' moment after a few home truths from Bernie.

The ending saw an angry Evie knock some cash out of the addict's hand, before storming down the street and snarling "What?!" at a random passerby before the credits rolled.

One fan tweeted: "Have we actually LOST the cast? This isn't EastEnders. I don't know who any of these people are. [...] BEV showing up followed by a duff duff for Evie shouting in someone's face. I think I might be done."

"That was the worst duff duff. What the [bleep]," one ranted.

Another said: "That was a weird duff duff, Evie is weird, #eastenders is weird."

A third simply exclaimed: "Really?? #EASTENDERS evie gets a duff duff??"

"I’m sure every EastEnders actor wants a duff duff, but that was the most ridiculous one EVER!" blasted another. "@bbceastenders Evie the pouty, unmenacing and rubbishy drug dealer needs to get off our screens! #EastEnders."

Other fans are still wondering what on earth happened to the Hunter Owen storyline - is he alive or dead?

Hunter has disappeared after his dramatic storyline (Credit: BBC)

Last week's Friday night episode saw Hunter Owen appear to shoot himself in a climactic cliffhanger, but the soap hasn't revisited the plot since.

On Tuesday, there was an outcry from fans who tuned in hoping to find out Hunter's fate. And still nothing.

Taking to Twitter, furious fans said: "We haven’t seen Hunter since he held a gun to his head and we heard a gunshot last week?! Where’s the continuity?!!"

Another said: "#eastenders is [bleeping] boring lately.... did we really need 4 episodes of Alfie deciding if he was going to give the baby back?"

A third agreed, writing: "Also, why set up the Mel and Hunter stuff last week - and not pay it off this week? Was it just a ploy so we could watch this pointless drivel instead?"

"Honestly, there isn't a single point from #EastEnders this week that has thrilled, excited... or entertained me. @bbceastenders," sighed another.

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