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Friday 21st February 2020

EastEnders confirms Sharon Mitchell and step-daughter Louise will give birth to Keanu's babies at Christmas

Keanu got both Mitchell women pregnant

BBC soap EastEnders have confirmed Sharon and her step-daughter Louise Mitchell will give birth to Keanu's babies at Christmas time.

In last night's episode of the soap (November 4) Mel told Keanu she wanted to arranged a surprise 18th birthday party for Louise.

However Keanu was against the idea saying, "Louise is seven and a half months pregnant", meaning she is due around Christmas time, leaving viewers excited.

But Louise isn't the only one with a baby on the way.

Her dad's wife Sharon, who recently turned 50, is also pregnant but not with Phil's baby.

Earlier this year, Sharon slept with the mechanic when Louise dumped him after finding out Phil originally paid him to look out for her.

Sharon and Keanu slept together (Credit: BBC)

Lying to Keanu, Louise said she simply didn't want to be with him and that she aborted their baby.

Heartbroken Keanu slept with Sharon, who he had an affair with last year before he was with Louise, in The Arches.

As Keanu and Louise got back together and she revealed she didn't go through with an abortion, Sharon found out she was pregnant.

Sharon found out she was pregnant with Keanu's baby (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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But before she could book an abortion, Phil found out and was so excited he told the rest of the family.

Sharon soon took a pre-natal DNA test which revealed Phil wasn't the father, but things got even more complicated when Mel got her hands on the results.

She has since been blackmailing Sharon to get her a villa in Portugal or she'll tell everyone the truth.

Louise is pregnant with boyfriend Keanu's baby (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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Although Sharon found out Mel hid Hunter before the siege, which could see her going to prison, it looks like Mel could still get what she wants - to live in Portugal with Lisa, Louise, Keanu and their baby.

But with all these secret and lies, the truth bound to come out sooner or later.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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