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Sunday 23rd February 2020

EastEnders confirms Jean's friend Daniel is dying of cancer

He received the devastating news on Friday

There's heartache ahead for EastEnders Jean Slater as the show has confirmed her friend Daniel is dying of cancer.

Jean hasn't exactly warmed to Daniel, who she met while undergoing chemotherapy after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

His sharp tongue and annoying demeanour have left her wanted to avoid him - although he seems to keep her on her toes and the two have developed something of a bond.

Jean has been tormented by Daniel - but they've built up a bond (Credit: BBC)

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In Friday night's episode of the soap, both Daniel and Jean were waiting to have a scan and he continued to wind her up.

He teased her wig choice, and poked fun at her magazine, before finding out her name and asking if she was named after an item of clothing.

But later, Jean found him crying on a bench outside and took him for a cuppa.

We're not dead yet.

Daniel tried to hide his tears (Credit: BBC)

As she wittered on, Daniel was unusually quiet, not replying to any of her commentary.

She eventually asked him to say something, before remarking that she didn't even know his name.

"I'm Daniel Alan Cook," he replied. "But don't bother getting to know me, love, because I'm dying."

Jean asked: "Are you? For certain?"

Jean took him for a good old cuppa (Credit: BBC)

"I think I know my own body," he sighed, before continuing: "the chemo's not working.

He then went on to explain that nothing was working and he had nothing to live for anyway as his whole family had already died of cancer.

He told Jean: "Death is going to happen sooner or later, love, like it or not."

But positive Jean was determined he shouldn't be giving up so easily. She said: "Death doesn't have to be faced and quite frankly I'm surprised you've accepted it so easily.

"You've got to not give in with all the might you can muster."

Jean insisted they still had everything to fight for (Credit: BBC)

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She then told him: "We're not dead yet," before reaching out and squeezing his hand.

The emotional scenes saw the pair finally acknowledge they have a bond, but will it be enough to help Daniel keep fighting?

And what does this mean for Jean? Her positivity and fight have strengthened her to get this far, but will the death of Daniel be enough to make her give up too?

Will they find a way to live life to the fullest together before Daniel departs this world?

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