EastEnders Sharon in labour Credit: BBC

EastEnders 35th anniversary: Fans fear double death tragedy for Sharon

Could her son and her newborn die?

Fans of EastEnders have been left reeling after predicting Sharon will lose both her son Dennis, and her unborn baby, during the epic 35th anniversary episodes.

Last night saw Ian Beale seek revenge on Dennis after he discovered Denny had been posting racist hate online about Ian’s son Bobby.

Ian hunted Dennis down after Bobby’s attack (Credit: BBC)

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Bobby, who has been attacked, is lying in a hospital bed fighting for his life, and Ian wanted revenge.

Tracking Dennis down to the boat party, he confronted the teen, who answered back and kneed him in the groin.

Ian dragged him to the lower deck and locked him in the staff changing room.

But when the boat crashed and water started to fill up, he went to rescue Dennis.

Dennis begged for help (Credit: BBC)

However, Ian dropped the keys and couldn’t get into the room and as the lights went out, he turned to leave terrified Dennis…

Meanwhile, back on the Sqaure, Ben had Sharon held hostage at the funeral parlour and she had just gone into labour.

Kathy arrived to help her give birth, but Sharon was terrified.

Will the birth go smoothly? (Credit: BBC)

Kathy assured her: “In a couple of hours you’ll have everything you’ve ever wanted: Dennis and this little one.”

Hmm, could that be foreshadowing that everything WON’T be okay?

When Sharon then started bleeding, things looked like they might be about to get worse.

Fans watching were terrified, thinking Sharon may lose both her son and her newborn baby.

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EastEnders has confirmed at least one major character will die during the week’s 35th anniversary celebrations.

And viewers listening closely last night will have heard the emergency services operator at the start of the show saying there were “two suspected fatalities” at the scene of the boat disaster.

Sharon isn’t on the boat, so perhaps her life is safe…

But what about Dennis? Will Ian get him out?

Or is Sharon set to lose everything?

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