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Tuesday 18th June 2019

Danny Dyer reveals more royal connections in new TV show

The EastEnders actor travelled to France to find out

Danny Dyer has discovered as well as being related to British royalty he’s also descended from a French king too.

The EastEnders actor previously discovered he was a direct descendant of two kings of England, William the Conqueror and Edward III, as well as blood ties to Henry VIII’s advisor Thomas Cromwell when he took part in an episode of Who Do You Think You Are in 2016.

Danny Dyer discovers his royal connections on his new show (Credit: BBC)

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Now it’s been revealed that the cockney geezer is also related to French king Louis IX who is his 26th great grandfather – a devoutly religious man who lived as a monk and was made a saint after his death.

The link was discovered during filming of Danny’s new show, Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family, due to be screened on 23 January on BBC1 where Danny travels to France to learn about his royal roots.

I’m still in shock that I’m related to such important people.

The 41-year-old’s great grandfather may not be so impressed with his new relative though as history books show he hated swearing so much that he burned the lips and tongues of anyone who swore in front of him. He is also said to have washed lepers, fed the poor and whipped himself every day to rid himself of his sins.

Danny will learn how his ancestor's lived on his new family history show (Credit: BBC)

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A TV insider told The Sun: "One royal link was unbelievable but finding another was more than anyone could have imagined – including him. Suffice to say it quickly went to his head and he thinks he’s genuinely part of the aristocracy now."

East London born Danny previously revealed that it was actually the connection to Thomas Cromwell that was the most important to him.

He told the Radio Times: "He came from a slum, I come from a slum. Cromwell left the country at 14, I started acting at 14. He was a self-taught lawyer. I’m a self-taught actor.

"Cromwell had two daughters and a son. I’ve got two daughters and a son. Cromwell wrote his last letter to Henry VIII begging for his life, on July 24, which is my birthday… and I drink in the Anne Boleyn pub."

Danny as Mick Carter on EastEnders (Credit: BBC - Photographer: Kieron McCarron)

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Danny’s family, including daughter Dani Dyer, also join him on the show, dressing up and living like their royal ancestors. The programme also sees Danny travelling to the Sainte-Chapelle cathedral in France, which was commissioned by Louis IX as well as trying his hand at archery and jousting.

Danny confessed he still can’t believe his royal connections. He said: "I’m still in shock that I’m related to such important people. I’ve had a ball getting to know them. It was a nutty experience."

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