EastEnders devastated to think Dot Branning has left Walford forever

But she's a legend!

June Brown’s EastEnders character Dot Branning has been “quietly retired” believe some worried viewers, who fear she’ll never return to the BBC soap.

On Tuesday (January 21), Dot left Walford after making the decision to visit Ireland for another extended stay with her grandson Charlie Cotton.

Dot Branning leaves Walford for good?
Is this the last we’ll ever see of fan fave Dot? (Credit: BBC)

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The beloved soap favourite left without fanfare, instead choosing to let her family know in a voice message.

Have they quietly retired Dot? That message sounded like a goodbye.

After Martin Fowler confessed he was the one who stole thousands of pounds from her bank account (even though it was really Sonia), she kicked him out of the house and packed her bags to leave Albert Square.

When Sonia went to confess she was the real culprit, she found Dot wasn’t there…

Sonia listens to Dot's message
Sonia listened to Dot’s message (Credit: BBC)

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Instead she found a note left from her grandmother telling her to listen to a voice recording on a tape player that she had set up on the side.

In the message, Dot said: “This is to tell you I’m off to Ireland to live alongside my lovely grandson Charlie. I shall be able to help then, you know when the baby comes.

“I don’t know why Martin should have taken that money, but you will sort it out for me, won’t you? You’ll find out and let me know.”

Sonia blackmail plot
It was actually Sonia who stole from Dot, by fraudulently adding a couple of zeros to a cheque (Credit: BBC)

She added: “Do remember you’re only at the other end of the phone line and you can always get in touch. I shall miss you and always love you as I know you will love me. Goodbye my dearest girl, your loving grandma, Dot.”

Those watching from home were devastated to hear Dot had left, and very concerned she won’t ever return.

One wrote: “Have they quietly retired Dot? That message sounded like a goodbye #EastEnders.”

Another added: “Has Dot left for good? Sounded like it on the cassette #EastEnders.”

A third said: “I think Dot’s departure tonight was very final, hope this isn’t the end of her, she deserves so much more than that exit.”

But… Is this the last of Dot for a while? Wonder why we didn’t get a goodbye scene with Sonia in person?” asked one more, while another said: “Was that Dot’s last #EastEnders episode!?!”

Others believed there was a plot twist, not believing the voice on the cassette was Dot’s.

One said: “Who on earth was that leaving a message for Sonia in @bbceastenders last night because it definitely wasn’t Dot?!

“Was June Brown not available or was it a plot twist? Enquiring minds want to know!”

Another said: “The recording of Dot didn’t sound like June Brown #EastEnders.”

EastEnders fans know that Sonia stole the money from her grandmother to pay off blackmailer George, the victim from Martin’s hit and run drama before Christmas.

We have asked EastEnders for a comment on whether June Brown MBE, who is 92 years of age, will be returning to the soap any time soon.

Last year it was reported that the actress signed a new monthly contract on the soap – instead of yearly – to give her the opportunity to have some time off if needs be.

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