EastEnders: Who will die TONIGHT?

Looks like Ray and Mel aren't finished yet

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In the New Year’s Day’s episode of EastEnders we saw Mel walk down the aisle at her wedding but it definitely isn’t going to be a “happy ever after”.

Viewers know Ray and Mel’s wedding was going to end in disaster as Mel has been plotting against Ray for months with his wives Maddie and Nicola.

However, things didn’t quite go to plan when he attacked Mel, strangling her, assuming he’d killed her.

And then she showed up at the wedding.

Mel Owen Ray Kelly wedding EastEnders
Mel turned up to her wedding despite Ray thinking she was dead (Credit: BBC)

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After the pair were married, his other wives Nicola and Maddie turned up outside the church along with the police who arrested Ray for bigamy.

Although Ray is behind bars for now, it seems he is determined to get revenge and with a woodland showdown ahead tonight, it’s been teased that there would be murder.

But who will fall victim to Ray’s revenge?


Mel Owen EastEnders
Will Ray try to kill Mel again? (Credit: BBC)

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He did try to kill her once – and on their wedding day. We wouldn’t put it past him to try again.


Maddie Wright Mel Owen EastEnders
Maddie was shocked to find out the truth (Credit: BBC)

Mel discovered Ray had another woman a few months ago. At first Maddie didn’t believe Mel when she revealed the real reason she befriended her.

Maddie knew Ray as Simon Wright and they have a son named Jake together. Could he go after Maddie for helping Mel?


Nicola Kelly Mel Owen Maddie Wright EastEnders
Nicola got involved with revenge (Credit: BBC)

After following Ray and a young woman named Jodie, who Mel presumed to be his girlfriend, Mel and Maddie pretended to be police officers to find out more.

However they got it wrong and realised she was actually Ray’s daughter and he was married to her mum Nicola.

Nicola also got involved with the revenge plot.


Ray Kelly Hunter Owen EastEnders
Would Ray hurt his stepson? (Credit: BBC)

Hunter views Ray as a father figure. Could Ray turn on Hunter to get revenge on Mel?

No one!

It is a possibility that Ray won’t actually kill anyone but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a dramatic end.

Sean Mahon who plays Ray told the “If you push a rabid dog into a corner they’re going to come at you very very fast so as is the case with any decent story if you’re going to pin him into a corner, he’s going to come out swinging.

“So yeah, there’s going to be stuff going on.”

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Don’t forget there is a bonus episode. EastEnders is on at 7:30pm and 8:30pm tonight!

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