Phil assaults Jack

EastEnders viewers slam soap for showing ‘totally unacceptable violence’ as Phil assaulted Jack

Was it too brutal for pre-watershed?

Phil Mitchell took his revenge on Jack Branning last night, tying him up and beating him to a pulp – and some EastEnders viewers found the scenes way too violent.

On Tuesday (December 17), a red-faced Phil abducted Jack in a bid to end his life

Phil assaults Jack
Phil looked like he might kill his nemesis Jack (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers know that Phil is under the false impression that Jack has been having an affair with Phil’s wife Sharon and is convinced Sharon’s baby is his.

In dramatic scenes some compared to a Quentin Tarantino film, Phil kidnapped Jack, beat him up and, after dousing him in petrol and taking out a loaded pistol, he was stopped from killing his enemy by son Ben and future son-in-law Keanu Taylor – who we know is the real baby daddy.

Phil fumed: “You’ve had kids with my sister, now my wife? Oh you really didn’t think I’d find out?

“Well everyone who betrays me gets what they deserve. Everyone.”

Phil assaults Jack
Phil is determined to get revenge on the person who has been sleeping with Sharon (Credit: BBC)

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In nail-biting scenes, Jack professed his innocence, as Keanu looked understandably uncomfortable.

But many fans were horrified by the scenes, with some believing they were too violent for the pre-watershed slot.

One tweeted: “EastEnders was far too violent pre-watershed. I am not a prude, but the watershed needs re-establishing.”

Another said: “Please stop showing violent scenes at 7.30pm. What do you expect people to think? Tonight’s violence was totally unacceptable.”

Phil assaults Jack
Jack was nearly a goner (Credit: BBC)

A third added: “That was far too graphic, no need at all. Should have been a warning so people can make a choice not to watch.”

That was far too graphic, no need at all.

“Never watching EastEnders ever again,” fumed one more. “Brought on my PTSD – the writers don’t even think of the damage they do after seeing something so horrible. This is wrong. There should be a warning that the episode will contain brutal violence.”

One more said the scenes were “upsettingly violent for before 8pm”, and another added: “No wonder there is so much violence on the streets when programmes such as EastEnders are allowed to broadcast it everyday.”

We have contacted an EastEnders spokesperson for comment.

Viewers will have to wait until Thursday (December 19) to discover Jack’s fate… and whether Keanu will confess his guilt.

Spoilers tell us the REAL truth will be dropped like an atomic truth bomb over Christmas.

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