EastEnders viewers shocked at Adam and Habiba’s steamy X-rated scene

They have been having an affair

EastEnders viewers have been left shocked at Adam and Habiba’s steamy X-rated scene.

For weeks, Adam has been having an affair with Habiba Ahmed, who also happens to be his foster parents’ granddaughter.

The pair have been seeing each other behind their family and Honey’s back.

Adam and Habiba have been having an affair (Credit: BBC)

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In last night’s episode (July 15 2019), the pair were getting intimate at Adam’s house and viewers were shocked by the X-rated scenes showing the pair in bed on top of each other, whilst Adam kissed Habiba’s neck.

The pair were interrupted when Jack came over asking if Adam could get the money for the flat, as Adam planned to buy it with Honey.

Jack looked surprised when Habiba came from the hallway in just a t-shirt.

However, Adam was quick to cover their tracks saying Habiba simply spent the night on the sofa after she went out and her grandparents would’ve kicked up a fuss because of what she was wearing.

Jack simply replied with: “By the end of the day”, referring to Adam’s decision.

Jack saw Habiba half dressed in Adam’s flat (Credit: BBC)

After Jack left, Habiba wasn’t happy to hear Adam was buying the flat with his girlfriend saying to him: “I thought you were leaving her.”

Adam told her he was just stringing Jack along but Habiba wasn’t impressed.

A few months ago Billy, Honey’s husband who she is separated from, saw Habiba and Adam kissing and recently tried to tell her the truth about the dentist but she refused to believe him.

Billy even tried to tell Habiba’s grandparents, Adam’s foster parents, Mariam and Arshad about their affair but they also didn’t believe him saying Adam is like a brother to Habiba.

Adam is in a relationship with Honey (Credit: BBC)

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Last week, Honey saw CCTV footage of Adam and Habiba sharing an intimate moment in the Minute Mart and confronted her boyfriend about it.

But of course, he had a reason and stated Habiba was upset about a guy and he was simply comforting her.

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