EastEnders viewers overjoyed as Sharon wants to take Kayden back – but what does this mean for her and Phil?

Kayden is Keanu's son

EastEnders viewers were overjoyed after last night’s episode (Tuesday, June 2) when Sharon revealed she wanted her son Kayden back. But what does this mean for Phil and Sharon’s future?

After the death of her oldest son Dennis, Sharon struggled with raising her newborn son. She left him in the care of his paternal grandmother Karen. But Sharon’s best friend Ian told Karen she would need to move away with the tot, or he would have Kayden put into care.

Sharon left Kayden with Karen (Credit: BBC)

In last night’s visit to Walford, Karen packed up the last of her belongings. However after last week, seeing Sharon bond with Kayden, Karen encouraged the grieving mum to come and say goodbye to her son.

Although Sharon made it seem like she wasn’t interested in front of Phil, she couldn’t keep away.

Leticia Dean plays Sharon
Sharon admitted she wants her baby back (Credit: BBC)

Realising she didn’t want to give up Kayden, she went back to the Mitchells’ house and confessed to Phil she had told Karen not to leave.

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She admitted she wanted her son to be with her and Phil.

Phil didn’t seem impressed (Credit: BBC)

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Although viewers were overjoyed Sharon wants to raise her baby, Phil didn’t look too impressed.

EastEnders: What’s next for Sharon and Phil?

In next week’s episodes, Ian arranges a memorial for Dennis and Sharon is touched by the effort he has put in.

Yes Sharon! You keep your son with you!

Ian has a speech but finds himself overcome with emotion. But Phil arrives last minute and it’s his short speech that leaves everyone in tears.

Can Sharon and Phil work through things (Credit: BBC)

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However, there is tension between Phil and Sharon as they argue about their future.

The dodgy businessman planned for them to move into The Vic together, but has this put a stop to their moving plans?

Can they find a way through this together, or are they over for good?

EastEnders is on Monday at 8pm and Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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