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EastEnders viewers left confused by Whitney phone gaffe

Whitney had a hidden phone but didn't appear to use it

EastEnders fans have been left confused after it was revealed Whitney had a hidden phone while being held hostage by Michaela.

After killing her stalker Leo King in self defence, Whitney has been harassed by Leo’s mum Michaela, who blames her for her son’s death.

In last week’s episodes Whitney planned to flee Walford, fearing she would go to prison. She even obtained cash and a burner phone from her uncle, Max.

Michaela had been harrassing Whitney in person and online (Credit: BBC)

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However, she decided to stay around after hearing Michaela was arrested.

Kidnapped by Michaela

But Michaela was then let go by police, showed up in Albert Square and kidnapped Whitney. This week, Jean and Sonia found Whitney’s goodbye letters in the bin and assumed she had fled.

Little do they know Michaela is holding Whitney hostage in her flat.

In last night’s episode of EastEnders (Tuesday, April 28) Michaela went into Whitney’s room and played her a voicemail Leo had left, claiming Whitney was going to kill him.

Michaela found Whitney’s burner phone (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Meanwhile, back in Walford, Max learned of Whitney’s disappearance and decided to call the burner phone he gave to her.

As Michaela and Whitney were in the same room, the phone went off. Michaela turned to Whitney and said: “Secret phone?” before taking it out of her bag.

Whitney answered Max’s call (Credit: BBC)

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Whitney quickly grabbed the phone and answered yelling: “Max! Michaela’s got me! Help me! No!”

If Whitney has a secret phone, why not use it to call the police?

Michaela then broke the phone making it unusable. But viewers were left wondering why Whitney didn’t use the phone if she had it with her this whole time.


Max later went to talk to Jean, Kush and Gray, revealing he knew about Whitney’s plan to leave but thought she’d change her mind.

He also revealed he spoke to her on the phone and Michaela had taken her. But will they be able to find her?

EastEnders next week airs Monday at 8pm and Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One. 

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