EastEnders fans thrilled with Keanu’s mean and moody comeback!

Sharon didn't look happy

EastEnders viewers were happy last night to see Keanu “get rid” of Sharon Mitchell.

The engineer returned last night having spent the last few weeks in Spain doing business for Phil Mitchell. However, it wasn’t all sunshine as he ended up taking a beating from six men.

He returned to Albert Square in last night’s episode but it was very clear he wasn’t happy.

Keanu returned in last night’s episode (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

He went to see Phil telling him he just wants to “get on” with his life.

The teenager went to The Arches and they were visited by Phil’s associate Danny and revealed Keanu fought off six Spanish men and branded him a “legend”.

As Sharon arrived and the pair were left alone, he shut down his ex-lover.

Keanu told Sharon she was dead to him (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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He revealed as he thought he was going to die in Spain, she was the last person he thought of.

Fans were happy Keanu “got rid” of Sharon(Credit: BBC iPlayer)

He then told Phil’s wife that he “hated her” for sending him to Spain and that she was dead to him.

Viewers were happy that Keanu “dropped” Sharon.

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Fans know that Keanu and Sharon began having an affair last year, however she called it off leaving the mechanic heartbroken.

As Sharon went away, he began seeing Phil’s daughter Louise, however when Sharon returned from her getaway, it was obvious Keanu wasn’t over her.

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