EastEnders viewers brand Tiffany ‘cruel’ as she catfishes best friend Bernadette

Tiffany pretended to be Sophia

Viewers of BBC’s EastEnders have branded Tiffany ‘cruel’ after she pretended to be someone else on a dating profile and used it to talk to her best friend Bernadette.

When Tiffany arrived back on Albert Square last year, her and Bernie Taylor quickly formed a close bond, however, Bernie’s feelings for her best friend have since grown.

When Tiffany started delivering drugs for Evie and the gang, who were grooming her, Bernie begged Tiffany not to do it and at one point the pair shared a kiss.

Tiffany recently started growing closer to Bernie’s half-brother Keegan and developed romantic feelings for him, meanwhile, Bernie moved on to dating a girl named Brooke.

Tiffany likes Bernadette’s brother Keegan (Credit: BBC)

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But when Brooke dumped her as she was obviously in love with Tiffany, Tiff called things off with her best friend’s brother, not wanting to upset Bernie further.

Wanting to get close to Keegan again but determined to protect Bernie’s feelings, Tiffany suggested her best friend try online dating and Bernie was thrilled when she matched with a girl called Sophia.

Brooke broke up with Bernie (Credit: BBC)

However, it didn’t take long for Bernie to figure out that Tiffany was actually Sophia.

In last night’s episode (July 4 2019), the girls went to the cafe and Tiffany encouraged Bernie to send another message before sneaking off to the bathroom to reply.

When she returned, Bernie wanted to invite her online match to Pride the next day but was disappointed when she didn’t get a message back.

Tiffany soon became stressed out and asked Bernie to get her another milkshake whilst she sent a message under the table, but a suspicious Bernie came over and asked what she was doing.

When Tiffany told her she was sending a message to a friend, Bernie grabbed her phone and saw that her best mate was pretending to be Sophia.

Bernadette saw that Tiffany was sending the messages as ‘Sophia’ (Credit: BBC)

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Bernie was devastated and Tiffany went over to her house and explained she wanted her to feel good about herself and show her there will be someone who likes Bernie for who she is.

But Bernadette had a go at her best friend for playing with her feelings and accused her of being jealous in case Bernie found someone who she liked more than her.

Tiffany kept saying that she wanted Bernadette to find someone, but Bernie told her that their friendship was over.

EastEnders viewers are furious with Tiffany have branded her ‘cruel’. They’ve also said Bernie needs to find happiness.

Recently viewers predicted that there will be a love triangle between Keegan, Tiffany and Bobby.

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