EastEnders viewers feeling smug to have figured out Linda’s plot WEEKS ago

Landlady Linda finally admitted she was on pretending to have dumped Mick, though viewers guessed as much immediately

EastEnders viewers have been left feeling smug after their theory about Linda Carter was confirmed last night.

The Queen Vic landlady finally revealed her true plan for evil Stuart Highway last night, though fans worked it out weeks ago.

EastEnders viewers feeling smug to have figured out Linda’s plot WEEKS ago
Could Stuart be planning to hurt Linda in his sick game? (Credit: BBC)

She has been manipulating Stuart ever since she publicly disowned her own husband Mick while he languishes in prison.

Stuart set him up for shooting him in the pub as part of his long-running scheme to take over his life.

And it’s worked with Stuart last night even donning Mick’s famous waistcoat for a stint behind the bar.

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But when Linda’s mother-in-law Shirley returned to find him she flew at him furious and began insulting Linda who dragged her into the back and finally admitted her plan.

Brandishing her wedding ring from her bra, Linda told Shirley: “Mick, me, us, always. Do you really think I’d chuck this away? That I’d throw us away?

“I will have my Mick back, I will get him out but I will do it my way so let it go. Do you understand me?”

Fans immediately took to Twitter to brag about their own ability to spot the storyline a mile off.

One wrote: “I KNEW that’s what Linda was doing! #EastEnders”

A second said: “#Eastenders Called it!! Knew Linda was playing Stuart, no-one believed my theory!!”

EastEnders viewers feeling smug to have figured out Linda’s plot WEEKS ago
The truth finally dawned on Shirley as Linda revealed her wedding ring (Credit: BBC)

Another added: “About time well done Linda #EastEnders”

But now they’re terrified she is in grave danger from the unhinged one especially now it has been announced the pair will be the focus of a special two-hander episode just featuring them.

The episode will air in December and see things come to a head for Linda and Stuart.

EastEnders SPOILER: Linda Carter DUMPS husband Mick while he's in prison
Linda left Mick alone in prison to try and free him her own way (Credit: BBC)

A source told the Metro: “As Linda puts the next steps of her plan into action, it culminates into a very intense episode in the Vic between Linda and Stuart.

“We all know what Stuart is capable of but he could have met his match in Linda?”

And fans are terrified for Linda with one concerned viewer writing: “I also think Stuart knows that Linda’s playing a game.

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“The way his smile changed as he looked at her while she was sleeping.

“I have a feeling that part of Mick’s revenge is also due to Linda’s plan falling apart in some way. #EastEnders.”

A second commented: “I have a feeling Stuart knows what Linda is doing, trying to see how far he could go. #EastEnders”

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