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Monday 25th May 2020

EastEnders viewers don't like Ben's "personality transplant"

Viewers don't like his behaviour

EastEnders viewers are not liking the new Ben Mitchell's personality.

Ben returned to Albert Square last week with Lola Pearce and their daughter Lexi.

Soon after their arrival it became clear they were both hiding something - Ben wanted to fleece his dad Phil out of his money.

Ben returned recently with Lola and their daughter Lexi (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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When Phil told his son that he was broke, Ben didn't let that stop his plans and told his dad they could rebuild their business.

When Lola heard him say this, Ben told her he would re-build the business and take Phil's money and happiness.

Ben told Phil they'll rebuild the business (Credit: BBC)

Viewers also saw him snap at his daughter Lexi when she tried to show him her new toy. He kicked the stuffed animal while yelling at the six-year-old and told Lola to take her to Billy's.

On a Digital Spy forum called 'EE - Can't stand the new Ben' viewers haven't been impressed with Ben's behaviour saying he's like a completely different person.

Has Ben had a personality transplant?

One user wrote: "I just don't see him as Ben, he doesn't look like Ben or behave like Ben. It's like he's a stranger.

Ben wants to take Phil's money and happiness (Credit: BBC)

Another user said: "I agree he is very little like the old Ben. To be fair, all the previous actors that have played him had similarities about them - this Ben is different.

"He might as well be a new character!"

Another user put: "I don't mind the change in looks so much (although he looks more like Lee Carter in my opinion) but it's the change of character that's bugging me. He's just not Ben."

Another added: "I think he has a lot of potential, I don't like the whole personality transplant but that's usually the intention of a recast, so must have been done with a purpose."

Twitter users have agreed that Ben has a different personality.

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It was announced earlier this year that Harry Reid would not be returning to play Ben and that former Waterloo Road actor Max Bowden would be taken over the role.

Recently fans went wild when Jamie Borthwick, who plays Jay Brown on the BBC soap, posted a picture with both of the Ben actors saying they were all friends.

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