EastEnders viewers divided as Max and Stacey get close again

Max and Stacey have a lot of history!

Viewers of EastEnders have been left divided as Max Branning and Stacey Fowler appear to be getting close again.

Max and Stacey have been on and off for years. First starting their affair in 2006 when Stacey was in a relationship with Max’s son Bradley and Max was married to Tanya.

Fans of the soap will remember Christmas day 2007 when Max’s daughter Lauren Branning exposed Stacey and Max.

Max and Stacey’s first affair was exposed on Christmas day 2007 (Credit: BBC)

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In a behind-the-scenes video of Stacey and Bradley’s wedding, Lauren accidentally recorded the pair kissing and was shocked when she watched over the footage.

On Christmas, the DVD was played in front of the Brannings and Slaters, exposing the affair.

The pair went on to have another affair in 2017 when Stacey cheated on her current husband, Martin Fowler.

In last night’s episode (July 23 2019) Stacey had to stop Max from attacking Ian, Rainie and Kathy.

Stacey had to stop her former flame from breaking into the Beale’s (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Max’s granddaughter, baby Abi, is currently staying at Kathy and Ian Beale’s with her great-aunt Rainie, who is her legal guardian.

Angry after Rainie ran off with Abi, Max has been trying to see his grandchild but has been stopped by Kathy, who is Abi’s paternal great-grandmother, due to him being intoxicated.

Stacey took Max home and discovered he was self-harming again.

Her determination to be there for Max resulted in her missing her dinner date with Martin to look after her former flame, fearing he would do something stupid.

As Stacey tucked Max into sleep on the sofa he admitted every time he closed his eyes he could see Abi and Stacey.

Max admitted he saw Stacey every time he closed his eyes… (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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Stacey awkwardly looked around and meanwhile outside, Martin stared angrily at Max’s house.

The idea of Max and Stacey has left viewers divided.

Some think it’s boring and don’t want the pair to have another affair.

Others think Stacey and Max are meant to be.

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