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EastEnders viewers disgusted as Ben Mitchell threatens to kill Stacey and her children

Ben is a father himself

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Viewers of EastEnders were disgusted as Ben Mitchell threatened to kill Stacey Fowler and her three young children, Lily, Arthur and Hope.

Earlier this year, Stacey hit Phil Mitchell over the head with a wrench to stop him from attacking her cousin Kat and husband Martin.

But Ben walked in after the attack and agreed to cover, as he wanted Phil out of the picture and his sister’s boyfriend Keanu gone.

Stacey attacked Phil (Credit: BBC)

So he agreed to cover for Stacey and attempted to pin the blame on Keanu for Phil’s attack. Meanwhile Stacey, Martin, Lily and Hope fled Walford.

However, Phil survived the attack and Keanu’s name was cleared.

A couple of weeks ago, Martin returned as his eldest daughter, Bex, attempted to take her own.

But when Ben spotted his nemesis, he made sure he would stick around to do illegal jobs for him.

Ben roped Martin into work for him (Credit: BBC)

Although he gave Martin the wrench back with Stacy’s DNA on it, he got a picture of Martin stealing a car and has been blackmailing him with the evidence.

Martin eventually went to Jack Branning, who managed to get Ben’s employee Tubbs arrested.

Ben was later arrested but let go as a woman he was visiting at the time of the arrest claimed Ben was a friend she borrowed money from.

When Martin made it clear he no longer worked for Ben, he branded him a coward and reminded him of the time he dangled him off a bridge when he was little.

Martin kidnapped Ben and dangled him off the bridge when he was little to get information from Phil (Credit: BBC)

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In Friday’s episode of the BBC soap (October 25 2019) Martin thought he was finally free of from Ben and believed it was safe for his wife Stacey to return to Walford.

But Ben had revenge in mind and got his men to dangle Martin in front of a train before pulling him back.

He then brought up the past saying: “He’s gone, Martin. That little boy, the one that you held over this bridge all them years ago, is gone.

“I bet it felt good, scaring children, playing games with my old man.”

Martin tried to defend himself saying he was a kid himself but Ben wasn’t having it and told Martin he worked for him.

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But when Martin told Ben he no longer worked for him, Ben made some dark threats, saying: “Now, if Stacey and the kids ever do come back, they will be the first ones over this bridge, one by one. We’ll leave little Rebecca because we don’t want you to waste all the tears that you’ve cried but the Slater kids, Lily, Arthur, Hope and then Stacey.

“And you will watch. You will watch every last one and every last second. Now if you want to keep them alive then you will keep Stacey away from the Square.”

He then told Martin the arrangement is private and no one else can know.

Viewers were left disgusted that Ben threatened young children.

One said: “Ben’s an actual monster #EastEnders.”

Another wrote: “Ben threatening to kill children now?”

A third put: “Ben is too much. He’s threatening children now? #EastEnders.”

“Ben, you’re so nasty for threatening to hurt innocent children, imagine if that was Lexi!” someone else tweeted, adding: “But… I still can’t help but love you.”


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