EastEnders viewers appalled by the cost of orange juice in Walford

Fans weren't impressed with The Queen Vic prices

EastEnders viewers were left shocked at the price of an orange juice in Walford.

In last night’s episode of the BBC soap (Tuesday, January 19) Phil went into the pub to see ex-wife and landlady Sharon.

Phil and Sharon have teamed up together to kill Sharon’s new husband Ian Beale. They want revenge Ian’s his part in the death of Sharon’s son Denny.

Fans were shocked by the price of an orange juice in The Queen Vic (Credit: BBC)

However as Phil went into the pub, he ordered an orange juice. When Sharon took the drink over to Phil, he put a fiver under the bar, which was covering the white powder that Sharon needed to use to poison Ian.

Sharon took the money and powder.

But viewers were more distracted by the fact that Phil paid a fiver for his orange juice.

EastEnders Sharon and Phil’s plot to kill Ian

Later this week, Sharon is determined to go through with their plan. Ian seems wary until Sharon tells him that they should finally consummate their marriage.

Phil arrives at The Vic and assures Sharon that he will be there for her.

As Sharon gets ready to go ahead with the plan, it’s clear she’s wavering. But after looking through Dennis’s possessions, she carries on.

Sharon poisons Ian. Will he die? (Credit: BBC)

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Later, Sharon calls Ian for his special dinner.’

It’s judgement day for Ian as Sharon finally puts the finishing touches on her revenge plan and indulges her husband in an especially deadly dinner.

Is this the end of Ian Beale?

What did Ian do to Dennis?

Back in February last year, residents of Albert Square went on to a boat on the Thames to celebrate The Queen Vic winning best pub in London.

Ian ended up locking Dennis in a room on one of the boat’s lower decks, as he discovered Dennis had been cyberbullying his son Bobby.

Ian planned to take Dennis to the police when the boat docked. But when the boat crashed, it began to take on water.

Dennis left a voicemail for Ian begging him to let him out and a voicemail for Sharon to tell her what Ian had done.

Sharon and Phil have been plotting against Ian (Credit: BBC)

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However Sharon couldn’t hear the voicemail as she was in labour at the time.

Ian tried to save the teenager, but as he got him out of the room, a surge of water caused Dennis to drown.

On Christmas Day it was revealed Sharon heard the voicemail Dennis left her and she and Phil had been plotting Ian’s demise.

Will Ian die?

EastEnders airs Mondays at 8.05pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.35pm and Fridays at 8.30pm on BBC One.

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