EastEnders trailer shows Sharon Mitchell confronting Ian Beale

EastEnders trailer shows Sharon Mitchell confronting Ian Beale

It looks like she's onto him

Sharon Mitchell will dramatically confront Ian Beale this week on EastEnders.

Grieving mum Sharon will demand to know what Ian is hiding from her as he struggles to hide his guilt over causing her son Dennis’ death.

In a dramatic new trailer, it looks like the truth could soon be revealed.

“I’m the reason Denny’s dead, it’s my fault,” says Sharon, but things soon take a twist.

She can be seen confronting Ian and demanding to know: “What are you hiding?”

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Ian looks terrified as Sharon questions him and in another shot from the trailer, he breaks down completely.

Is his secret out? Has the voice note Dennis left Sharon about Ian locking him in the room been revealed?

Dennis tragically died as Sharon went into labour with her newborn baby son.

EastEnders trailer shows Sharon Mitchell confronting Ian Beale
Ian looks like a deer caught in headlights as Sharon confronts him (Credit: BBC)

And even though Ian was devastated to hear that Dennis had died after they were both swept away into the Thames, he failed to confess what he had done to his mother, Kathy, on the night.

Instead, he just cried as she called him a hero, leaving her with the impression that she was right and he hadn’t caused Dennis’ death.

Things are going to become more difficult for Ian as Sharon is released from the hospital with her baby.

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Grieving Sharon will barely be able to cope as she wanders Albert Square in what should be the happiest time of her life.

EastEnders trailer shows Sharon Mitchell confronting Ian Beale
Sharon’s devastated (Credit: BBC)

Instead of celebrating her new baby, she’s in turmoil about Dennis’ death and she blames herself.

And even thought Ian could make it all better by confessing his role in Dennis’ death, he doesn’t and instead Sharon is left to suffer in her own misery.

Even when he sees the full horror of what Sharon is going through, and knowing the pain of losing a child himself, Ian stops himself from confessing – but is all that set to change when she questions him?

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