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Tuesday 7th July 2020

EastEnders star Danny Walters shows off new look on social media

He's no longer sporting a shaved head

Danny Walters, who plays Keanu Taylor in EastEnders has unveiled a longer hair style and a beard in his latest Instagram post.

It seems that most soap stars are on a break from filming their respective shows at the moment as lots of holiday snaps keep popping up.

And Danny could be taking the opportunity to change things up and experiment with a new look.

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Fans were divided on the new look, with one writing: "I love the longer hair."

"Looking hot," another added, and one more said: "Gorgeous."

But others weren't keen, with someone writing: "Shave the head! Shave the head!"

Some speculated the new look could be for a storyline.

Keanu's hair is much shorter at the moment, and he only sports stubble (Credit: BBC)

Danny was also showing off his longer locks and unshaven appearance on holiday in Majorca with co-stars Jamie Borthwick, Steve McFadden and Max Bowden over the weekend.

Max shared a picture to his Instagram of the four of them looking in good spirits as they soaked up the sun.

I love the longer hair.
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Living our best life in Majorca

A post shared by Max Bowden (@bowden5) on

Max captioned it: "Living our best life in Majorca."

While tensions in the Mitchell clan are currently at breaking point, it looks like exactly the opposite for the boys in the real world.

Fans were thrilled with the snap, with one of the EastEnders script editors commenting: "This is one of the best photos I have ever seen on Instagram."

"Phil Mitchell in holiday clothes is the best thing I've seen on Instagram," agreed another fan.

A third said: "This is the best photo ever," with someone else echoing the sentiment: "Best picture everrrrr."

"If I bumped in to you lot on holiday together it would be all I ever talked about for the rest of my life," added another.

Phil's in a fix (Credit: BBC)

It's good to seem them all smiling as things in Walford are pretty heavy right now.

Last week Stacey Fowler walloped Phil over the head with a wrench to stop her husband Martin from getting a beating.

As Stacey, Martin and Kat Slater came up with a plan to avoid getting caught - by police or a vengeful Phil if he ever recovers - Phil lay bleeding to death in the garage.

That is until son Ben stumbled upon his body...

Ben found his dad Phil injured in the garage car pit (Credit: BBC)

But instead of rushing to his father's aid, opportunist Ben saw the chance to work the tragic situation to his advantage.

Furious that Phil has written him out of his will, Ben decided to exact a spot of revenge...

After threatening Kat, Stacey and Martin with a gun to keep quiet, he decided to leave Phil to meet a grisly end in the garage pit.

Ben pulled a gun on Stacey, Martin and Kat warning them to keep quiet (Credit: BBC)

Conniving Ben then set about FRAMING Keanu Taylor for the attack, wrapping up the weapon in Keanu's overalls and hiding the evidence behind some tyres.

After some time, Ben DID call the emergency services, putting on an Oscar-worthy performance as a grief-stricken son.

As the forensics team arrived and found the weapon, Ben told the police he saw Keanu running away following the attack on Phil.

Keanu's in trouble (Credit: BBC)

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As Keanu now desperately tries to prove his innocence, Ben is determined to cover his tracks.

Will Keanu walk away a free man? Or does the long hair and unshaven look signify a stint in prison to come?

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