EastEnders SPOILERS: Kheerat suspects Gray is guilty of killing Chantelle

EastEnders SPOILERS: Will Gray go to prison for killing Chantelle?

The aftermath of Chantelle's death hits Walford

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In next week’s EastEnders news of Chantelle Atkins’ tragic death reaches her friends and family and attention falls on Gray but will he go to prison for killing her?

Chantelle’s family are left reeling at the news she has died.

In last night’s episode, Chantelle made one last attempt to escape her abusive husband, after he forced her to come home with him.

In a rage he shoved her and she fell back on the open and stacked dishwasher, seriously injuring herself.

EastEners Gray Chantelle prison
Will Gray go to prison for leaving Chantelle to die in EastEnders? (Credit: BBC)

Initially it looked as though Gray was going to help her, but then he went out, first to buy some milk, and then to go to the Vic.

He then returned home and, after watching his wife take her final breath, he smashed the milk bottle.

The conniving lawyer then wheeled a toy car around the room, to make it look as though Chantelle had fallen backwards after standing on it.

Only then did he call for help…

Karen is beside herself with grief when she realises Chantelle has died in EastEnders but where is Gray? (Credit: BBC)

Will Gray go to prison as he is questioned by police?

But while they’re all trying to get their heads around what has been going on while they were away, Gray is sat in the police station and is being questioned.

EastEnders SPOILERS: Kheerat suspects Gray is guilty of killing Chantelle
Gray is being questioned by the police, but can he keep his guilt hidden? (Credit: BBC)

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Mitch wants answers

While the police try and work out what happened the day Chantelle died, Mitch is on the hunt for answers about his daughter’s death and soon realises all is not well between Gray and Kheerat.

Kheerat is devastated following Chantelle’s death (Credit: BBC)

The devastated dad meets with Kheerat to get more information, but when he sees that Chantelle’s boss has got her memory box, he demands to know why.

Kheerat tells Mitch that Chantelle was planning to leave Gray and had asked him for help.

But it’s only when the pair meet again later in the week, away from Suki’s glares, that Kheerat reveals more.

Mitch realises there is tension between Kheerat and Gray and goes to find some answers (Credit: BBC)

He tells Mitch that he’d spoken to Chantelle a lot during lockdown and that she wasn’t happy with Gray.

Kheerat also admits that he has a theory about Chantelle’s death, claiming that Gray knows more than he is letting on.

The business owner reveals that he thinks Gray and Chantelle had a huge row that somehow ended up with Chantelle being fatally injured.

Kheerat tells Mitch his theory behind Chantelle’s death (Credit: BBC)

While Mitch is reeling at the prospect, neither of the men realise just how close Kheerat is to the truth.

Angry and frustrated, Mitch later shares Kheerat’s theory with Karen… but will she agree?

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The police are back

By the end of the week, the police are back to see Gray and this time they have information.

By the end of the week the police are back to see Gray (Credit: BBC)

The officer reveals they have been given some new information that changes everything.

But what have they discovered? And does it put Gray in the frame for murder?

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