EastEnders SPOILERS: Whitney tries to kiss Gray

Gray is Whitney's solicitor and her friend's husband

In next week’s EastEnders, Whitney makes a move on Gray. But how will he react?

Over the last few months, the two have been spending a lot of time together as Gray is the solicitor representing Whitney in her murder trial.

However, as Gray has constantly defended his client, it’s become clear she’s falling for him, despite him being married to her friend Chantelle.

Leo died after he fell on a knife trying to kill Whitney (Credit: BBC)

In the upcoming scenes, Whitney is haunted by the memory of the night Leo was killed. Gray finds her disorientated on the street and takes her back to his place to go over the case.

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The begin to discuss Whitney’s previous relationships and how they can be used against her in court. In order to get some answers, Gray goes to Mick and Linda to learn about Whitney’s first marriage to their son Lee.

Gray learns about Whitney’s past relationships (Credit: BBC)

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Whilst talking about Lee and Whitney’s relationship, Linda reveals that Lee hit Whitney.

EastEnders: Gray tries to help Whitney piece things together

Gray advises Whitney to use her flashbacks to piece together what happened the night Leo was killed. He tells her it could help her defence in the trial.

Whitney is distressed but is able to give a detailed account before breaking down. Seeing her upset, Gray comforts her but Whitney tries to kiss him.

Whitney tries to kiss Gray as he gives her comfort (Credit: ITV)

But how will he respond?

Gray believes Chantelle is having an affair

Also in next week’s episodes, Chantelle uses Gray’s car to pick up some computers for Kheerat. However she has no idea Gray installed a tracking device on the vehicle.

Gray thinks Chantelle is having an affair (Credit: BBC)

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When Gray sees the car went to Stratford, he’s furious and concludes she must be having an affair.

However what he doesn’t know is Ben used the car to go to a warehouse on the dodgy job for Phil and Danny.

EastEnders is on Monday at 8pm and Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One

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