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EastEnders spoilers tonight: What’s happening on Monday, September 27 2021

Kat isn't happy

EastEnders spoilers reveal Kat is furious after making a discovery about Janine.

Meanwhile Harvey is furious when he sees Dana is deferring going to university and Whitney gives Gray a chance.

All this and more in tonight’s EastEnders.

EastEnders spoilers: Kat makes a discovery

Kat isn’t happy to see Zack spent the night with Janine (Credit: BBC)

Scarlett is alarmed to find Zack in the living room after he spent the night with Janine, leaving Kat furious.

Later Janine talks with Billy – she needs to overhaul her life in order to get Scarlett back.

Meanwhile Shirley tries to contact Tina while Nancy and Frankie continue to argue.

Later Frankie struggles to handle the crowd in the pub when Janine spots an opportunity.

She helps Frankie out and Frankie agrees to give her a trial shift. Sharon is shocked to see her there but Janine loves being back behind the bar.

EastEnders spoilers: Harvey unhappy with Dana’s decision

Dana isn’t happy when Bobby tries to chance her mind (Credit: BBC)

Bobby tells Peter he’s going to surprise Dana but Peter is annoyed as Bobby and Dana are both taking time off work after what happened.

Harvey tries to convince Dana to break up with Bobby, but she won’t listen

As Bobby and Dana have breakfast, Iqra reveals that the new mosque application has gone through to the next stage.

Bobby gives Dana a gift and tells her that he loves her.

Meanwhile Harvey finds a letter in Dana’s dressing gown and is not happy with what he reads.

Later he confronts Dana about deferring university but she defends her decision.

Harvey decides to appeal to Bobby to try and get him to convince Dana to go to university.

Bobby reluctantly agrees, but it backfires horribly.

Whitney gives Gray a chance

Whitney agrees to go out with Gray (Credit: BBC)

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Whitney appeals to Jen but is told she had her chance. Upset that she blew it, Whitney bumps into Gray who asks her for dinner but Whitney says no as she still thinks about Kush all the time.

Posing at Whitney’s manager, Gray tries to get Jen to put Whitney on the line-up for her entertainment industry showcase.

Later Whitney tells Gray that Jen has changed her mind, knowing that he is the reason for it.

As Whitney softens towards Gray, he convinces her to give them a go but take it slow.

Sheree sell the salon?

Isaac is planning to move out (Credit: BBC)

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At the salon, Sheree is apologising to Denise when an associate visits to talk about buying the salon and making it a chain.

Sheree gets rid of him but Denise reminds her that she’s still firmly in the family’s bad books.

Later Sheree tries to make it up to Isaac but he is still planning on moving out.

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