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EastEnders spoilers tonight: What’s happening on Monday, July 19 2021

Ben wants revenge

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Bernie takes a pregnancy test.

Meanwhile Ben plots to get revenge on the man who killed Paul, and Lola pays Isaac a visit.

All this and more in tonight’s EastEnders.

EastEnders spoilers: Bernie takes a pregnancy test

Tiff warns Bernie about taking the pills (Credit: BBC)

In the café Tiffany reluctantly gives Bernie more diet pills, even though she warns they are dangerous, especially if she’s pregnant.

Tiffany insists she take a pregnancy test to confirm, going as far to buy the tests herself.

Rainie sees the tests and is adamant that she will be there when Bernie takes the test.

Meanwhile Keegan is thrilled that he reached the final three of Walford’s Best Street food.

While talking to the journalist, he sees Tiffany in the shop buying Bernie’s pregnancy test, but he believes it’s for her.

At home Tiffany opens the pregnancy test just as Keegan comes in.

Bernie eventually blurts out the truth to Keegan who is shocked. He leaves as Rainie enters.

Later Bernie comes down the stairs holding the test. As she goes to read the result, Keegan and Karen enter.

Ben plots revenge

Callum is worried (Credit: BBC)

Callum is looking at a piece of paper with the details of Simon Atmore, the person that killed Ben’s former lover Paul.

He realises Ben is in an agitated state so decides not to tell him the details.

Back at home, Ben is rummaging through Callum’s things and finds the piece of paper with Simon’s details.

As Callum comes home he realises Ben has made plans to meet Simon.

As he pleads with Ben to rationalise, it’s clear Ben will do anything to get revenge.

Honey tries to help Suki

Honey worries about Suki (Credit: BBC)

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In the Minute Mart, Honey eyes a dishevelled Billy. Suki enters but on her way to the stock room, she has a bit of a wobble which Honey notices.

Honey is sure Suki isn’t eating to punish herself for Jags’ death and is determined to help her.

Lola goes to see Isaac

Lola goes to see Isaac (Credit: BBC)

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At the Trueman/Fox house, Lola has made Isaac a playlist as Patrick and Kim encourage her to visit him, despite what Sheree thinks.

In the mental health unit, Rafe tells Sheree that Isaac doesn’t want to see her.

When Lola turns up, Sheree isn’t happy and leaves.

Isaac is struggling on the new medication as Lola tries to comfort him, but Isaac makes it clear he’s upset because Lola promised she wouldn’t let him get hurt. She’s heartbroken for him.

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