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EastEnders spoilers today: What’s happening on Monday, 17 May 2021

It's all go at the start of another week on Albert Square

EastEnders returns to our screens tonight and, spoilers reveal, so too does Mitch’s little girl Bailey.

Over at the Vic, landlord Mick Carter bonds further with daughter Nancy – but will she return home?

Sharon’s brother Zack comes in for a spot of women trouble, while Sonia overhears something she shouldn’t have from Dotty.

It’s all go – so all you be tuning in to EastEnders tonight?

New EastEnders spoilers reveal Bailey comes home tonight (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Bailey returns home

It’s tears all round tonight as Bailey returns home.

Denise spots Amy in the market and is convinced she’s up to something – and, as viewers will know, she’s not wrong.

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Later at the allotments, Amy is with Bailey but as she goes to leave, she is met by an unimpressed Denise who takes them both back to the square, much to everyone’s delight.

At the Taylors’ home, Mitch breaks down.

He reassures Bailey that he has his job back and Bernie tells them that she has a bonus coming.

Karen later quizzes Bernie on her bonus, leading Bernie to make up an excuse.

Clair Norris as Bernadette on EastEnders
It looks like the surrogacy is off for Bernie (Credit: BBC)

Will Bernie’s surrogacy go ahead – and what about her romance with Molly?

Things are going well between Molly and Bernie but when Molly suggests they go on holiday together, Bernie admits the truth about the Taylors’ financial woes and her surrogacy plan.

Molly is taken aback and wonders how Karen feels when she realises Bernie hasn’t told her.

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As Bernie asks her to keep her secret, Molly asks her to forget the surrogacy for the sake of their relationship.

Determined to help her family and forge ahead with the plan, Bernie speaks to Rainie about the surrogacy.

However, it appears the deal’s off as Rainie gently lets her down.

Will Nancy come home?

Over The Vic, Mick is writing his victim impact statement when Nancy shows up.

She pretends she’s enjoying living with Sharon until she realises her mum isn’t there and she admits the truth that it’s awful, but she still doesn’t want to return home.

Things go from bad to worse as Mick attends a hospital appointment with Nancy, where she learns the doctor won’t change her mind about the sterilisation

Mick tries to reason with her – giving it time isn’t the end of the world and if she’s still sure she doesn’t want kids later down the line he’ll talk to Linda.

Nancy agrees on the basis that Mick does something for her – she encourages him to finish his statement and read it in court himself.

Spurred on by his daughter, Mick does just that but unbeknownst to him, Katy is standing outside is The Vic.

Martin is unimpressed to find Zack flirting with Ruby (Credit: BBC)

Zack’s in trouble with big sister Sharon

After having yet another girl back to the flat, Sharon makes it clear to Zack that he’s to stop bringing women back and get a job.

Martin’s returned home from Kush’s funeral in Dubai and Sharon tells him that she has sent Zack to Ruby’s in the hope of him getting a job.

However, when Martin arrives he is not impressed to see Zack trying to flirt with his wife.

EastEnders spoilers: Sonia overhears Dotty laying into her

Things appear to be coming to a head between Dotty and Sonia as the latter returns home from Kush’ funeral laden with gifts for Dotty and Tiff.

Dotty can’t help but take a dig at Sonia for spending Dot’s money. Privately she tells Tiff she is determined to keep their card scam going.

During the chat, she calls Sonia a middle-aged fun sponge.

However, unbeknownst to her, Sonia has overheard.

EastEnders airs tonight (May 17) on BBC One at 8pm.

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