EastEnders SPOILERS: Suki makes the ultimate betrayal

Suki isn't happy when Jags makes an announcement

EastEnders spoilers reveal Suki makes the ultimate betrayal leaving her daughter Ash horrified.

In next week’s visit to Walford Suki has some choice words for Vinny about Kheerat being so cut up over Chantelle’s death. Later she finds Jags’ jeans covered in Martin’s blood and is worried about the police searching the flat.

The police pay the Panesar family a visit and tell them they have no suspects for the break in or the attack on Martin. Suki tries to hide her relief.

Jags tells his family about his relationship with Habiba (Credit: BBC)

Later that evening, Jags announces his new relationship to his unsuspecting family and Suki is seemingly happy for them.

However, she’s clearly seething about her son’s love life and makes the ultimate betrayal.

Suki makes the ultimate betrayal (Credit: BBC)

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Suki soon makes a decision which impacts the whole family. When Ash realises what her mum has done, she’s horrified.

What has Suki done? Will her family ever forgive her?

EastEnders: Suki demands more money from the Slaters

Meanwhile Jean tells Kush she’s seen his poker games on his tablet and warns him about the risks of gambling.

Jean says she’d be terrified of losing money but Kush insists it’s just a bit of fun.

Soon Suki interrupts and demands more rent due to the new tenants at the house – her lawyers have given them notice.

Kush shows up with a wad of cash (Credit: BBC)

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Finding out about Suki’s demands, Kat is desperate to pay her. Stacey offers to sell her stuff online to cover them for the month. However Kush soon walks in with a wad of cash, saving the day.

Seeing Kush’s money, Jean is immediately suspicious. Kush later gives Suki the money and promises to give her the rest later before opening up a gambling app and betting big.

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