EastEnders SPOILERS: Sharon kills Ian?

Sharon has been plotting to kill Ian for months

EastEnders spoilers reveal Sharon puts her final revenge plan in motion. Will she kill Ian Beale?

Sharon has joined forces with ex-husband Phil Mitchell in a bid to make Ian pay for his part in Dennis’s death last year.

Over the last few weeks, Sharon has been poisoning new husband Ian. But next week she makes plans to finish him off.

In the upcoming scenes, Kathy talks to Ian. She soon comes into The Vic with food for her oldest son and tells Sharon he needs to see a doctor.

Sharon tells Phil she can’t go through with their plan (Credit: BBC)

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As Sharon pushes back, Kathy snaps telling her she knows Ian is extremely unwell, piquing Sharon’s conscience.

Sharon later makes a call to Phil telling him she can’t go through with their plan.

EastEnders spoilers: Phil encourages Sharon to go ahead with their plan

With her conscience biting at her, Sharon later reiterates to Phil that she can’t go through with their plan as she doesn’t want to hurt Kathy.

However Phil reminds her what Dennis went through. Having got under Sharon’s skin, he tells her he will get something stronger that will finish Ian off quickly.

Sharon tells Ian they should finally consummate their marriage (Credit: BBC)

Determined to go through with their plan, Sharon tells Ian she is making a special dinner. Ian seems wary until Sharon tells him they should finally consummate their marriage.

Phil arrives at The Vic and assures Sharon he will be there for her.

Sharon kills Ian?

As Sharon gets ready, it’s clear she’s wavering. But after looking through Denny’s possessions, she carries on.

Later, Sharon calls Ian for his ‘special dinner.’

Sharon calls Ian for his ‘special dinner’ (Credit: BBC)

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It’s judgement day for Ian as Sharon finally puts the finishing touches to her revenge plan and indulges her husband in an especially deadly dinner.

Is this the end of Ian Beale?

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