EastEnders SPOILERS: Ruby to lose the baby?

Ruby is pregnant!

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EastEnders spoilers reveal Ruby discovers she’s seven weeks pregnant, but she has an accident. Will she be okay?

In next week’s scenes Dotty has a proposition for Ruby – she pays her and Tiffany and her friends to promote the club on social media to entice more city boys to splash their cash.

However Ruby isn’t sold on the idea. Soon, Stacey turns up and very reluctantly apologises to her former best friend for doubting her pregnancy.

Dotty has an idea for Ruby (Credit: BBC)

Trying to do the right thing for once and become a better person – Ruby turns down Dotty’s idea. She tells her if she was really Tiff’s friend then she wouldn’t use her.

Later, Martin wants to know when their 12 week scan will be, leaving Ruby snappy. She’s forced to look into private scans, knowing that the dates won’t add up.

EastEnders Spoilers: Ruby discovers she’s seven weeks pregnant

At the hospital, the sonographer tells Ruby she’s about seven weeks along and the reality of her pregnancy finally sinks in.

Ruby learns she is seven weeks pregnant (Credit: ITV)

Martin tells Ruby that he’s booked a trip for them over Easter so they can relax. Ruby suggests that they take the kids.

After Stacey vents to Kush about it and Ruby walks by, they all agree to discuss it properly later.

Lily sees an opportunity and promises to get her mum on side if Ruby does something for her.

Later at The Vic, Martin, Ruby and Stacey attempt to talk things over and when Greece is mentioned Lily is suddenly all ears, leaving Stacey angry.

Things turn nasty in The Vic with Stacey, Martin and Ruby (Credit: BBC)

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Things turn nasty and Ruby heads to the bathroom before abruptly leaving. She phones the hospital panicked – she’s pregnant and bleeding. Is the baby okay?

Ruby has an accident

Later, Stacey is fuming that Lily has ordered glam holiday stuff on her credit card and vows to make Ruby pay for it.

Dotty pitches her idea to a distracted Ruby, who eventually agrees to allow Dotty and Tiff to host tables.

Lily buys stuff on Stacey’s credit card (Credit: ITV)

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Stacey stops by the club and is ready to demand money for Lily’s recent purchases and the two women end up talking through their feelings.

They begin reminiscing their teenage years but when Ruby’s scheming with Kush is mentioned the argument continues.

Soon Ruby ends up falling backwards down the stairs. Will she and the baby be okay?

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