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EastEnders SPOILERS: Phil Mitchell horrified as he discovers Raymond’s family were MURDERED by Ellie’s enemies

Ellie Nixon is more dangerous than Phil could have imagined

EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell is in for a shock next week when he discovers the adoptive family of his son, Raymond, were murdered by his grandmother’s enemies.

The hardman has no idea Ellie Nixon is so dangerous.

Has Phil Mitchell met his match? (Credit: BBC)

Next week, Phil is desperate to find information on Ellie after discovering he has no way of contacting her.

All his usual means fail him, leading to Ben suggesting Ellie has been using a fake name in the hospital.

And when Callum uses his job as a police officer to dig into Ellie, the information leaves Phil horrified.

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It emerges that the car crash that claimed Raymond’s adoptive mother, father and sister’s lives was no accident.

In fact, it was murder – retaliation against Ellie.

When Callum manages to get a phone number and address, Phil angrily calls Ellie and demands to see his son.

Explosive EastEnders showdown for Phil Mitchell and Ellie Nixon

She soon meets Phil at The Arches and Phil confronts her about her lies in an explosive showdown.

They meet again later and Ben insists they need to do things properly and go through the courts – if she wants a war, she’s got one.

Meeting with his solicitor Ritchie, Phil tells her that he wants full custody of his son.

Ellie is more dangerous than Phil realises (Credit: BBC)

But Ritchie is honest with Phil and tells him that she can’t see the courts handing over Raymond to someone with his criminal record.

However if Ellie is more dangerous than Phil, then she will have skeletons in her closet that he can use against her. But he’ll need Callum’s help.

Meanwhile, DI Thompson wants Jack away from the investigation so Callum tells a disgruntled Jack to steer clear.

It seems Phil hasn’t given up on Raymond as he works on a plan to prove that Ellie is unfit to parent. Meanwhile, Denise makes up her mind when Phil asks her to help him.

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He offers to fund the legal battle if she fights for custody.

DI Thompson catches Callum assessing information on Ellie for Phil. But Callum tells him he can only get Phil on side if he helps him with some intel.

Will Phil be able to take on Ellie and save Raymond?

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