EastEnders SPOILERS: Phil goes to visit Raymond

Raymond is the son of Denise and Phil

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EastEnders spoilers reveal Phil goes to visit his son Raymond in hospital. But how will it go?

Last week, Denise discovered her biological son Raymond, who she put up for adoption, has been left orphaned after his family died in a car accident.

This week, Phil, who is Raymond’s biological dad, asks Callum to look into the family that adopted his son for anything that could help his case.

At the police station Thompson tells Callum they’re not getting enough from the listening device and suggests Callum starts wearing a wire to get info on the Mitchells.

Callum tries to find out information on Raymond’s family (Credit: BBC)

Later Callum tells Phil that he looked into Raymond’s family and couldn’t find anything but he uses the time to offer Phil some help – he could look into some of his ‘contacts’ if it helps.

However Phil isn’t interested. He decides to head off to the hospital.

EastEnders: Phil goes to visit Raymond

At the hospital, Phil goes to see Raymond. He immediately feels a bond with the boy as he strikes up a conversation with Ellie.

Phil goes to visit Raymond (Credit: BBC)

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But Phil lies to her about who he is and why he’s visiting. Will Ellie figure out who he is?

Raymond’s grandmother Ellie

In Friday’s episode (September 25) Denise overheard Callum talking about a car crash.

Upon hearing more about the family, she pieced things together and quickly realised it was the family who adopted Raymond that were in the crash.

Denise discovered that Raymond’s family died last week (Credit: BBC)

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Denise went to see the little boy in hospital where she learnt that Raymond’s parents and sibling had died.

At the hospital Denise met Mica Paris’s character Ellie but kept her identity a secret.

The new villain is Raymond’s grandmother and now almost certainly his legal guardian after the death of her son and daughter-in-law.

What will Denise do next?

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