EastEnders SPOILERS: Phil becomes hellbent on revenge in new photos

With Ben's help, he hunts for the truth...

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Phil Mitchell becomes more determined than ever to discover the truth about his wife Sharon’s pregnancy this week, as seen in these newly released EastEnders photos.

Friday 13 is considered unlucky for some, and that definitely proves true for one Walford resident as Phil enlists the help of his son Ben to track down the father of Sharon’s unborn baby.

And he doesn’t have a cosy chat over a cup of herbal tea in mind – more like a gunshot to the head!

Ben finds Sharon’s necklace at the Branning house (Credit: BBC)

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After realising Sharon has lied to him – oh Phil, if only you knew! – Phil becomes more determined than ever to get to the truth.

Enlisting help from Ben, the pair look for clues with Phil’s first suspect being Jack Branning.

And when snooping Ben discovers Sharon’s necklace at the Branning household, he puts two and two together…

You’ve got the wrong man Ben! (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers know that Sharon lent her necklace to Linda Carter several weeks back, when she and Mick did a ‘wife swap’ with Ruby and Max.

And when Linda drank too much wine and passed out on the sofa, the necklace must have slipped off her neck and ended up on the Branning floor.

With Phil already convinced of Jack’s guilt, the necklace is all the evidence he needs to prove it.

Loving the maroon jumper Jack… Hope you don’t get any blood on it! (Credit: BBC)

But what lengths will Phil and Ben go to to get revenge on Jack?

Spoilers tell us that Phil plots to murder his love rival – but can Jack persuade Phil of his innocence before it’s too late?

Viewers know that, of course, Keanu Taylor is responsible for getting Sharon pregnant.

And his life will also be in grave danger when the truth eventually spills out this Christmas.

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