EastEnders SPOILERS: Next week’s First Look in 10 pictures

Dotty finally reveals Ian's darkest secret...

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Sharon finds out the truth about the night Denny died, but will Ian be able to cover his tracks?

Meanwhile, Chantelle plans her escape from Gray, while Ruby makes a bad decision which leads to devastating consequences.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

1. Dotty tells Sharon the truth 

Ian’s thrilled to have a fresh start at The Vic now that the boat crash investigation is closed.

Later at Dotty’s court hearing, Ian agrees to drop his charges against her if she stays quiet about Denny’s death.

Dotty agrees, but she doesn’t keep her promise for long.

After Ian annoys Dotty, she marches into the pub, ready to tell Sharon the truth.

Sharon is speechless when Dotty tells her Ian is the reason Denny is dead.

Dotty doesn’t hold back as she tells Sharon everything about the night Denny died.

But will Sharon believe Dotty’s claims? Or will Ian manage to cover his guilt once again?

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2. Chantelle plans her escape 

Spending lockdown with Gray has made Chantelle realise she needs to leave him.

She meets with his rival law firm to talk about getting a divorce, but soon discovers it’s going to cost more than she thought to leave her husband.

Meanwhile, Gray’s controlling behaviour is continuing.

He adds a tracking app to Chantelle’s phone and takes away her credit cards.

Chantelle asks Kheerat for a loan, but little does she know he is having his own financial worries.

Kheerat is shocked when Chantelle admits the money is for a divorce and promises to help Chantelle and the pair share a moment.

As Kheerat’s money troubles go from bad to worse, Chantelle plans her escape.

3. Ballum under pressure 

It’s the day of Ben’s cochlear implant switch on, but Callum’s nowhere to be found.

Little does Ben know, Callum has made a shocking discovery at work.

After trawling through CCTV footage of a warehouse, Callum sees a familiar figure in the shadows.

Ben worries when Callum seems distant.

Eventually Callum admits that they’re looking into Danny Hardcastle at work.

Will Ben admit his involvement in the warehouse job when Callum confronts him?

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4. Ruby’s big mistake 

Ruby and Martin are official, having got together during lockdown. But Ruby’s happiness is short-lived when she realises someone has stolen her identity.

With her cash running out, Ruby agrees when Vinny suggests they stage a break-in at the club and claim the insurance.

As Vinny gets ready for the fake robbery, Ruby has a change of heart. But it’s too late.

Things don’t go to plan when oblivious Martin spots the burglary and chases Vinny to the Minute Mart.

Soon things are spiralling out of control, with devastating consequences.

EastEnders episodes return to BBC One at 8.05pm on Monday 7th September.

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