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EastEnders spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures – 15-19 November

Eve is found and Gray is caught out

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal the return of Eve to Walford.

Stacey’s worried when her wife turns up drunk and disorderly, but can she sober her up and keep a roof over their heads?

Elsewhere, Harvey catches Aaron out over his lies, Whitney finds out the truth about Gray, and Jean catches someone’s eye.

All this in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

1. Eve returns

After being missing for weeks, Eve turns up at the cafe drunk and has a go at Suki.

Stacey gets a phone call to come and collect her and Eve reveals she’s meeting her probation officer.

Stacey takes Eve home, desperate to sober her up before the probation officer arrives.

Jean steps in to cover for Eve, but will it work?

Later, Jean tells Eve she can stay with the Slaters as long as she likes.

However, Suki has demanded they leave by the end of the week, so the family no longer have a place to live!

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2. Harvey throws an awkward lunch

Harvey throws a lunch, but tells Dana not to invite Bobby as he’s too soft to be around Aaron.

Dana stands up to her dad and insists Bobby, comes or she won’t, forcing Harvey to agree.

Things are awkward as Aaron is visibly annoyed by Bobby’s presence.

It gets tense when Aaron quizzes Bobby on his religion.

However, Bobby is prepared for Aaron’s questions and responds well.

Dana is proud of him, but how will Aaron react?

3. Harvey finds Aaron’s bloodied shirt

Harvey knows Aaron’s story doesn’t add up and is shocked when he finds Aaron’s bloodied shirt in the bin.

He demands answers from his son.

Confronted, Aaron tells his dad it was just a fight, but he needs Harvey to be his alibi.

Aaron confesses he has lied to the police. But will Harvey agree to back up his son’s story?

4. Harvey is questioned by the police

In the cab office later on, the police question Harvey on Aaron’s whereabouts the night of the fight.

Will Harvey lie to protect his son?

5. New love for Jean?

Jean accidentally breaks Kat’s new ceramic leopard and Harvey helps her to fix it.

Sparks fly between the pair and it’s clear they’re getting on well.

Aaron arrives and makes a comment about them dating, leaving Harvey feeling awkward.

But later he decides it’s not such a strange idea and decides to ask Jean out.

Will she say yes?

6. Whitney finds out the truth about Gray

Whitney helps Chelsea look after a poorly Mia and tries to get hold of Gray at his office to tell him his daughter is ill.

But Whit is shocked to find out Gray no longer works there.

Gray gets a call from Whitney while working at the burger bar, but lies over his whereabouts.

Whitney can tell exactly where he is, though. Torn, will Whitney reveal the truth to Chelsea or is Gray’s secret safe for now?

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