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EastEnders spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures

Bernie wants the diet pills

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal that Bernie tells Keegan about the surrogacy.

Meanwhile Ben is after revenge and Mick tells Frankie about the paternity of Linda’s baby.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders.

EastEnders spoilers: Next week

1. Bernie tells Keegan about the surrogacy

Tiffany reluctantly gives Bernie more diet pills but warns they’re dangerous, especially if she’s pregnant.

Tiffany insists she take a pregnancy test to confirm.

Rainie sees them and is adamant she will be there when Bernie takes the test.

At home Tiff opens the test as Keegan arrives and Bernie blurts out the truth to her brother.

2. Vi’s comments hurt Tiff

Later Vi tries to set Keegan up with a girl, making a rude comment about Tiffany, who tries to hide her hurt.

Later Tiff sees Keegan with a journalist, Beth, and compares herself even more.

Tiffany gets a facial and at the Walford’s Best Street Food awards, Keegan wins the award.

Soon Tiffany gets a rash on her face and insists she leaves Keegan to enjoy his night.

3. Ben set on getting revenge

Callum is looking at a piece of paper with the details of Simon Atmore, the person that killed Paul Coker.

Seeing Ben is agitated, Callum keeps the details to himself.

Back at home, Ben goes through Callum’s things and finds the paper with the details.

When Callum comes home he realises Ben has made plans to meet Simon.

As Callum pleads with Ben to rationalise, it’s clear Ben will do anything to get revenge.

Desperate Callum tells Phil he got the number of Paul’s killer and needs his help. However Phil tells Callum to sort it out by himself.

Meanwhile, Simon stares at the gym waiting for his probation officer, but immediately realises something is wrong.

4. Honey determined to help Suki

In the Minute Mart, Suki enters but on her way to the stock room has a wobble.

From her observations, Honey is sure Suki isn’t eating to punish herself for Jags’ death and wants to help.

The next day is Jags’ funeral and the Panesars are devastated as the hearse arrives.

Kheerat becomes overwhelmed and walks out of the funeral.

As the funeral continues, grief overcomes Suki.

Ash finds Kheerat, who is a wave of emotions, but he doesn’t come back to the funeral.

Back at the Panesar house, Honey visits Suki and gives her some encouragement.

Later Suki scolds Kheerat for missing Jags’ funeral, but later Honey brings a lasagne and Suki takes a small bite.

5. Isaac pushes Lola away

Lola has made Isaac a playlist and Patrick and Kim encourage her to visit him, despite what Sheree thinks.

In the mental health unit, Rafe tells Sheree that Isaac doesn’t want to see her.

When Lola arrives she’s not happy and leaves.

Isaac is struggling on his new medication and Lola tries to comfort him, but Isaac makes it clear he’s upset.

6. Mick tells Frankie the truth

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As Frankie’s driving lessons commence, she is filled with nerves when Mick suggests places to go.

Mick tells Frankie about the paternity of Linda’s baby.

Later Mick informs Linda that he told Frankie about the baby. Linda tells him about Nancy and Zack.

Nancy tells Mick that Zack is going to be her training partner.

Later Zack tries to break things off with Nancy. However he can’t find it in him to do so.

He suggests keeping their thing a secret.

7. Dana’s dad arrives in Walford

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Dana, Kathy and Peter are planning Bobby’s 18th birthday, while Bobby is unaware thinking everyone forgot.

Later in the restaurant, everyone hides as they believe Bobby is coming in.

However a man walks in. It’s Harvey, Dana’s dad.

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