EastEnders spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures – October 18-22

Gray and Whitney kiss and Janine plots

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EastEnders spoilers for next week show Janine is up to her old tricks.

Meanwhile, Gray finally gets Whitney where he wants her, but will they make a go of things?

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

1. Janine is up to her old tricks

EastEnders spoilers - Janine is up to her old tricks

Janine asks Jay for a job in the car lot, but he’s not taken in by her nice act and refuses.

As Janine fills Liam in on her plan, it’s clear she’s back to her old ways.

Wanting in, Liam talks up Janine’s selling skills to Jay, who takes the bait.

But will he give Janine a job?

2. Gray’s troubles continue

Gray has serious money worries and wants answers from Chelsea.

However, Chelsea is completely indifferent to Gray’s demands she pay him back, leaving him fuming.

Desperate for cash, Gray has a job interview.

He offers up his lawyer skills for a managerial position, but will he be successful?

3. EastEnders spoilers: Whitney and Gray kiss

Gray gets a call to say his dad has died and he confides in Whitney he’s devastated.

Whitney helps him to go through his childhood belongings and Gray is touched by the memories.

Gray is overcome with emotion and he kisses Whitney.

Later, Karen is over the moon to see the pair together, but are they really going to make a go of things together?

4. Peter wants answers from Liam

Liam ignores a call from Cindy, who is trying to get hold of him.

Meanwhile, Peter arrives and confronts Liam telling him Cindy’s asked for money. Janine covers for Liam, but what is he hiding?

5. Kat sacks Harvey

Kat confronts Ash who reveals what Harvey said and Kat is furious.

Harvey tries to explain himself, but Kat doesn’t want to hear it and sacks him.

He confides in Dana he’s been fired and she reminds him he has to be careful what he says. She offers to help him get his job back as long as he apologises to everyone he’s upset, but will he?

6. Aaron arrives

EastEnders spoilers - Aaron has eyes for Tiffany

Harvey is delighted when his son Aaron arrives and takes him to The Vic.

But when Aaron gives his dad some bad advice, will Harvey get in even more trouble?

Meanwhile, Dana isn’t impressed to see her brother – especially when he snaps at her and leaves her humiliated.

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