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EastEnders spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pics – Nov 29 – Dec 3

Tiffany's action set off a horrible chain of events...

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EastEnders spoilers for next week show things getting even worse between Tiffany and Keegan.

And when she listens to Aaron over Keegs, things take a terrifying turn…

Meanwhile, Aaron is clearly bad news as he spikes Harvey’s drink.

And, Denise conspires to help Kim with Pearl.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

1. Keegan makes a big decision about Tiffany

Keegan is on a date in The Vic with Anna and it’s going well.

But then Tiffany arrives with Aaron and things get awkward.

Anna realises who Tiff is and quickly leaves as it’s clear Keegan isn’t over his estranged wife.

Can he persuade her to stay? Or is she right?

Noticing a downbeat Keegan, Mick offers him some advice.

Keegan later tells Tiffany he wants a divorce, and by the end of the week she’s signed the papers. But will they regret their decision?

2. Keegan warns Tiffany off Aaron

Keegan overhears Aaron ranting about the woke brigade who have cancelled the school nativity.

He warns Tiff not to listen to Aaron’s rubbish.

However, she ignores Keegan and shares a petition on her page, sparking a terrifying chain of events…

3. Denise schemes to help Kim

Kim is getting donations to fund Pearl’s private school and Denise feels guilty.

She offers Kim money from the salon, but Kim refuses to touch Phil’s cash, so Denise comes up with another idea to help her sister.

Kim is thrilled when Pearl is given a scholarship.

Jack soon realises Denise is behind it all, but promises not to say anything.

4. Mila lashes out

Mila is waiting for news of her mum’s sentencing when Waseem stops by and complains about the fundraising event.

Iqra asks him to leave, but Mila stops them arguing.

Waseem continues to make insensitive comments, one of which upsets Kioni.

Mila kicks Waseem out, determined to protect her little sister.

5. Aaron sabotages Harvey’s date

Harvey is nervous about his date with Jean.

Meanwhile, she is also getting tips from Eve.

Aaron gives his dad some advice, before slipping vodka into Harvey’s beer to loosen him up a bit.

However, Mila realises what Aaron is doing and stops serving him.

It might be too late though as Jean arrives for her date.

With Harvey getting drunker by the minute will it end in tears?

6. Mick tries to help

Mick tries to help Janine with Scarlett. But it doesn’t go to plan.

7. Stuart’s hiding something

Peter ropes Stuart in to doing a transformation programme at the gym.

He plans a before and after photoshoot and Stuart gets ready.

But Stuart panics when Peter asks him to take his top off.

He runs out, but what is he hiding?

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