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EastEnders spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures!

Sharon kicks Zack out and there's a surprise visitor for Mila

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EastEnders spoilers for next week have been revealed and  Sharon’s gym launch doesn’t go to plan.

Meanwhile Suki tries to get her hands on some cash and Mila is worried when her younger sister tells her she is going on a trip.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders.

EastEnders spoilers for next week

1. Sharon’s gym launch doesn’t go to plan

Zack has been drinking all night with Martin.

Sharon tries to check in with Linda but finds herself being ignored.

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At the gym launch, Sharon sees Zack turning on the charm with a client.

Kheerat promises to have a word.

He shuts Zack in the locker room and turns up the music.

Zack shouts but no one can hear him.

2. Sharon kicks Zack out

Linda arrives wanting to chat, but it’s time for Sharon’s speech.

Now hearing Zack’s shouts, Nancy lets him out and Zack takes matters into his own hands.

With shocked guests watching, Kheerat tries to apologise, but Sharon directs her anger at Zack.

She orders him to pack his bags.

Linda reminds Sharon that Zack is still her family.

Later, Nancy moves back home while Sharon tells Linda she’s asked Zack to stay.

Are things starting to thaw between Linda and Sharon?

3. Suki returns

Vinny wonders who Kheerat’s mystery woman could be.

Suki returns from her trip and isn’t happy when Vinny mentions Kheerat is seeing someone.

She is desperate for money and goes to Phil for a loan, but he refuses. What does she need the money for?

Over at Walford East, Sharon and Kheerat agree to keep things casual.

But Suki interrupts and Kheerat revels in his rebellion.

Kheerat enjoys making Suki squirm about his dalliance with Sharon.

As she rushes out, she gets a call from Jags.

Later Stas comes into the Minute Mart to meet Kheerat.

Suki reveals to Stas the message was from her and she wants to talk business.

Kheerat is furious with his mother for messaging Stas behind his back.

But she is forced to explain that Jags is in trouble.

4. Kat comes home from hospital

Kat returns home from hospital.

Phil is irritated as he’s subjected to the Slater chaos. Jean warns Kat about the Mitchells and Kat realises Phil has bolted.

But Kat is impressed when Phil returns to save the day.

5. Mila makes a horrifying discovery?

At the Prince Albert Iqra is upset that Kim has posted her and Mila’s love life all over her new website.

She soon spots a young girl pocketing a candle.

Mila instantly recognises her – it’s her sister Kioni. But what is she doing in Walford?

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Kioni explains that their mum is taking her for a weekend away soon and Mila tenses at the news.

Mila is worried when Kioni mentions the trip is two weeks away.

She asks Kathy if Kioni can stay but Kathy says she can only have her for dinner.

Later Iqra doubts is Mila really cares about her. But is there something going on?

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