EastEnders Rocky heart attack, Mick and Janine smug and Dotty worried

EastEnders spoilers: Next week in all-new pics – November 22-26

Is Rocky a goner?

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Rocky can’t cope with the guilt of his plan any longer.

He decides to confess and leave Walford, but a shock collapse stops him in his tracks.

Meanwhile, Dotty is thrown into turmoil when her mum reappears, and Mick and Janine go to war with Peter Beale.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

1. Rocky confesses – then dies?

Rocky has decided the con is off and is plotting his exit.

He’s interrupted by Kathy who needs his help at Walford East and Rocky reluctantly agrees to go with her.

Rocky is confused when he gets there and the restaurant is empty.

However, he soon realises it’s all a set up and Sonia and Kathy have actually planned a surprise 60th birthday party for him.

He’s touched, but he knows he has to come clean about who he really is.

Rocky tells Dotty he’s going to confess.

He writes Sonia and Kathy a letter, but suddenly he has agonising chest pains.

He grabs his chest and collapses.

As he lies unconscious on the floor, will anyone find him in time?

Or is Rocky going to die?

2. Sandy returns

Dotty is shocked when her mum Sandy reappears. But thrilled to finally have found her, Dotty plans to get Sandy the help she needs.

She tells her mum she’s been saving for a place at rehab and she’s paid the deposit.

However, Sandy is more interested in the money.

When Sandy refuses to stay at Dotty’s house, Vinny offers them a bedsit owned by the Panesars.

But Sandy will only stay on one condition? What is it? And will Dotty make it happen?

3. Phil doesn’t trust Jada

After finding out about Alyssa, Phil goes to check on her and Sharon, but he’s suspicious when Jada shows up.

Phil doesn’t trust Jada and questions her about abandoning her baby.

Phil tells her to walk away and not come back, but Sharon overhears and is appalled.

Will Phil persuade her he’s right, though?

4. Christmas tree wars

Peter goes head to head with Janine and Mick as they are all looking to sponsor the Square Christmas tree.

Peter is angry when Mick and Janine outbid him, but he soon puts in a higher big and is smug as the tree goes up.

Mick and Janine are cross, but Janine is ready for war and Mick agrees to her plan…

Peter is annoyed when the tree goes missing and confronts Mick and Janine, but do they know where it is?

Later, Janine confides in Mick about Frank, and Mick’s kindness moves her.

5. Stacey talks sense into Kat

Kat is insecure over Phil and Sharon, but Stacey talks some sense into her.

Will Kat make amends with Phil?

6. Chelsea and Gray set a date

Chelsea is determined to prove her mum wrong and books her wedding to Gray for Christmas Day.

Gray’s worried about money, but Chelsea won’t budge.

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